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Sunday, August 31, 2008

Charm School Saturday... well Sunday

Charm School Saturday... Maybe should be Sunday ...

Liz from http://rosevignettes.blogspot.com/
is having a Charm bracelet show and tell...

Well here are mine...

My beautiful jewelery... at least it is to me

the whole lot.

This is my wonderful charm bracelet..

you notice that most of them are hearts...

plus the one charm of my girls and I a long time ago

each one has a story behind it...

the top one on the right is one of my Grandmothers pendants...
second comes my last pendant from my dad... two years before he died

next is the heart with a key... my hubby :D

glass heart with rose inside... from my oldest daughter

my angel that guards over me... from my mom

my heart shaped watch (which is why I got the bracelet)
my Saint Christopher...

the charm with my daughters pic

pink heart from my five year old granddaughter

(her favorite color)...

my diamond heart from hubby two christmas' ago...

and last but not least

a pink heart from my youngest daughter.

See what I mean... means more than anything I own!

my wanna be charm bracelet that I forgot all about lol

My favorite watch!!!

but broken :(

My favorite watch that works

all my rings... sorry about blurry pic...

Hope you enjoyed all of my jewelery.

I know not much... but what there is...

Hope your Labor day Sunday is full of love,

alot of remembering our armed forces!!

And Lots of family too!!!

Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Liz said...

Hi Debi!
YAY! I will link you up!


P.S. Your charm bracelet is beautiful! I love how chunky it is!

Mimi Sue said...

I'd never think to put lemon flavoring in oatmeal cookies. I'll have to try it soon! I have an old head and foot board thats been sitting in our shed for a long time waiting to become a garden bench. Maybe this winter when there's nothing else to do...Your blog is inspiring...Mimi

Blueberry Buttons said...

Love your bracelet and thank you very much for dropping by and leaving a comment. I love the idea about the throw. Now I just have to get busy.
Thanks again,