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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

The after of Class Reunion years later lol

Well all... oh sooooo much fun to see everyone after 30 years!!! I have some pics... just not going to name them all. But let me tell you... we visited caught up with all that's happened over the last 30... Married... most of us... Children.... Some not married... no children... Some divorced... Children... no Children. And everyone was happy pretty much with the way things had went!!! It was fun to see who could recognize you... who couldn't... who I could recognize... some... but not all!!! I had to ask names of some!! When we walked in on Friday night... my hubby looks at me and says "This room is full of OLD people." I looked at him and said "Yea, but honey you are older than all of us!" We both had a good laugh!! lolol. Everyone was looking at us the way I was looking at them... For some reason they thought my HUBBY was part of their class!!! lol. When I told the first two, April and Donna, who I was they both said "NO WAY... Debi you look soooooo good!" I thought... you don't look at this face in the mirror, huh... lolol.....I look as old as the rest of you!!! But on the other hand... it sure did boost my ego!!!! THANKS YOU TWO!!!!

Here are some more of us standing around on Friday just catching up!!

Me in the left corner... with my backside: hubby took pic ;-) I am the black shirt with the blog of blue jeans beside the guy, in front of the window. lol

We graduated with a class of 200 or so... (For my children this is a class that is HUGE!!! Scoti graduated from a class of 12... the youngest for a class of 7!!! lolol) There might have been about 75 of them there in the two days... so sad... I wanted to see more of them!! Especially the three that I ran around in HIGH SCHOOL WITH!!! We were called "The Four Musketteers"!!! But... for whatever reason they weren't there. (But then... we haven't kept up with each other of the years... so who's fault is that... mine??!!) I am hoping to catch up with them... and get reacquainted!!!

Anyway... on Saturday... there was lots of dancing... chatting... and so much more catching up!!!Some of us posed for pics too :D Others just got some snapped doing whatever....

Just plain dancing...
and then there was the train song..

.. so we made a train........ ;-)
And them some more dancing...

I can't believe all the changes... Some of the men... more distingushed... bald... lol ;-) the women just look beautiful!!!! But we were able to share our lives... rather than to be off in your own little clicks... which was really nice... would have been really great to get to KNOW one another a few more years ago... we could have shared in soooooooo much more!!

I ran into old neighbors... wonderful to relive some of the childhood to do's!! One of my old childhood neighbors, David, told me he went back to the old neighborhood that night... said it was so changed!! ("Don't go" he said... it would be depressing to see.) I had seen it about 5 years ago... and he was right!!! Another old neighbor... Julie, she remembered walking by our house and always stopping to visit... more fun after school... than it was in school :D Julie and I had a really good visit Friday nite... and are planning on calling one another to keep up!!! And another Julie and I are planning on getting together her and hubby and me and hubby... and going dancing (Her hubby is starting another band... so we will be doing the dancing while he is working ;-) lol) and another Julie... she is teaching at a new school... (she was always so good with kids... I hope they know what kind of a jewel they have!!!!) One of my girlfriend's, Janine, she is now living in Atlanta... she is still just as happy and easy going as she was in school!!! I always felt sooooo much better about life after talking with her... and nothing has changed... we shared pics of the family over the years... and she told me..."You did sooooo good Deb... a beautiful family!!! YOU should be very proud!!" It really hit home that she was so right!!! and of course I AM!!!! (Proud that is :D)
The night ended with alot of sitting around and just plain old visiting!!!! :D
We have lost fourteen of our classmates over the last 30 years... not too bad on numbers... but very sad to know that they are no longer with us!!! Some of them I knew about... but most of them I didn't even have a clue!!! They really will be missed!!

It was really just a wonderful two nights... our class has decided that we should have our next one in five years!!! So looking forward to that one!!! (even though we just finished this one lol )

OOOO! I learned something new for today too.... I learned how to delete a pic if not right!!! lol
Leave me a note... I will pass on how ;-)

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

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