I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am very flattered that you came for a visit. I would like to invite to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy your visit.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! And know that you made my day blessed by stopping by. :D

Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello again... sorry so long :D and THANKS!

First of all I owe everyone a big apology... Sorry it has been so long since I have posted a new entry. My bloom'n Internet... well... you know. I am posting quickly so I don't lose it.
Please forgive me.

I have so much to tell you... and wow........... can I get it all done? lol Well, to start with... I would like to thank everyone who has posted comments on my blog!! It is very exciting to see that someone is actually reading it!! :D NJTomboy, Anastasia, Margo, Cindee, Shanda, Stacey, Kim, French garden house, Rhoda, Melanie, 'theysaywordscanbleed', Arlene... I love your comments... and your blogs!! I cant get enough of all the wonderful things you post!! I am so glad I could pass on the awards to you, thank you for your kind words of encouragement!! :D (Not sure how to make the face for blushing... but I am. You all make me so proud... but still shy.)

The second thing on today's agenda... is my survey "YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY" The outcome was that Christmas was the favorite by 60%... Thanksgiving and Halloween coming in second with 1o% each...and New Years, Valentines, Easter and Flag day all coming in with 10% each. I would like to thank all that voted... very nice to know. Trying to figure out what to do for my next survey. Hoping to have one really soon.

I went to an auction this last Sunday with my DD the oldest one... she got all kinds of goodies... sent some of her good buys home with me... The ones she got in boxes of stuff she didn't want all of :D which is great... cuz I wanted some of it but didn't want to pay that much... we split the cost... (just love that part!!) Had a blast with her... just soooooo tired of the heat!!! Another really hot scorching day!!!

And now for what has been keeping me busy this week... I have been getting ready for our County Fair. It started yesterday... my entries are my bench... a new one... which I don't have finished pics of...yet. BUT I hope to have one this afternoon... And cinnamon rolls that I actually made into a loaf of bread... I will include the recipe in a future post for those that like to bake.

After I got my entries in... I also got to assist the judges with crafts judging... I got to place the appropriate ribbon on the craft, and put the placing on the child's entry form. (Kinda neat to see why judges like what they do... how the place them...) Then to watch the children faces... light up to see what ribbons they got!!!

Here is a pic of of the before of this headboard bench...
Here is the during...

Now for the pic of when it is finished... that will be posted later today... The bench has storage in the seat for shoes... it goes on my front porch... just outside the door. That way NO ONE will be searching for shoes... at least I hope. lololol

After I get it home... I will write on the back... "Nothings sweeter than Butterfly Kisses" and paint some pretty butterflies around and sitting on the saying. I will post a pic after I get that all done so everyone can see. This bench is my absolute favorite!!! (Good thing too... DH has stated... "This will be the last one you keep...YES?") So... I had probably better observe his input... huh??

Tonite is the pedal pull for the kids... I will be taking the DGKs to do that! Then probably spending so time checking out the animals, and riding so rides... the kids not me lol.
Tomorrow is the beef show for the fair... this my favorite part of the fair. Watching the 4-Hers show their animals... how the animals take to the crowd... and the loud speakers... or not!!!
Saturday... will be when I go to help with the 4-H livestock judging... where the kids will judge the animals... and then the judge tells how he scored the animals... and the kids get their scores on judging. My job is to help tally the scores and post them for the kids to see who came in first... etc... for a chance to go to State Fair for the Livestock Judging!!! Love to see the kids participate in fair!!!! Sunday we will work the fair for the Round Robin part... which is where the Grand Champions and Reserve Champions of Showmanship... Jr... Intermediate... and Sr. will show the animal of each category to see who wins the overall showmanship Champion. I will post some pics of the fair outcome when all done too.

Here are some pics of my very first room project... about 10 years after I moved into the house here. My kitchen... it had the old burnt orange and harvest green wallpaper on the walls. So ripped it down... found plaster and lathe walls behind... and cracks in the walls so... I painted it to cover them up... and put IVY all over the cracks!!! You can see what I mean...

this is a crack in the wall, that is covered up with the Ivy, flowers and a butterfly.

here is the ceiling with all the ivy running amuck. around the light fixture is hibiscus flowers.
and then here is the swallowtail butterfly and hibiscus flowers on the side of my cabinets.

It is always spring in my kitchen... which in the winter... is a REALLY GOOD thing... I am not a winter person!! I have a hard time dealing with no flowers... cold... and well all the white... no colors!! But then... I may learn someday to like that too. I love the snow when it comes to Christmas... a must have... and snow angels with the DGKs.

By the way... we have had a really nice break in the weather here... some much needed rain... and some cooler temps too. (Loving that!!!!!!) Well all once again thank you all for encouragement. I hope to see you all again really soon. :D
Have a wonderful day!!!

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Flowers from my gardens

Hello again everyone!!

I would like to say first of all I am soooooo thrilled at the idea of everyone visiting me and my little blog... makes me feel special!! I have had soooooo much fun checking out all of the blogs!!! I would also like to Thank NJTomboy... she was the first one to post on my new blog... and I also LOVE reading hers!!

If you see how much time I spending here looking at everyone else's blog...you might wonder... do I GET ANYTHING else DONE??? The answer is sort of...I start many things, just takes me a little longer to finish them. lolol

For today I would like to share some of the flowers in my garden that are blooming now. There are not alot of varieties... the blooms are numberous in volume. I have a the Orange day lilies growing all along the front side of the property... all the way back throu the trees to the pasture!!!

The yellow ones are around the yard in various spots, my favorite color btw.

My marigolds are blooming like houses afire... that is if I remember to dead head lol

oops for got to change direction of pic... and havent figured out how to delete a pic yet... sorry

Here are my prized Hollyhocks!! I wish there was a way to cut them, and enjoy them inside...But not brave enough to try yet. (LOVE the seed pods too much!) lol I also have black, chocolate, and red...but those will bloom next year... so something to look forward to huh??

And of all the flowers in my yard these always speak to me the loudest!! My DINNER PLATE Hibiscus!!! I have them in this color of white with red center... all red... and yellow with red center. ( Also have one that must have converted back to white, with red center... it was light lavendar with red center when I planted it!! The yellow and lavendar were my favorites!!!) Got to get a new Lavendar one.

Well I suppose I should get some house work done for today, before the DH comes home :D
Remember to smile!!!!

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!

Monday, July 21, 2008

I got an AWARD!!! THANK YOU!!!

I got an Award for Robolady...Margo!!! Oh Margo how sweet...Thank you....Thank you!!!

Now, the rules say that I'm to pass the award along to 7 more brillante bloggers.It is hard for me to do, as I am not so sure I know what I am doing. So here goes nothing.

I think I have finally got my seven picked out. Thank you again Margo. Here goes...

1) http://theblessednest.blogspot.com/ Stacey has done a wonderful job of catching my attention. Love her pics...tutorials...and just had a blast reading last night!! I was at her site for over 1 1/2 hours last night! :-D Thought the mushrooms were a great idea!! Keep up the wonderful job.

2) http://frontporches-sweet-tea.blogspot.com/ What a beautiful house and porch you have Shanda I love it!! And you blog kept me there for quite some time last night also!! I absolutely LOVE your garden guard!! She is sooooo cute!! Wait till my DGD gets a look at her... she will be begging to build one like her, ... not our usual scarecrow!! Thank you for all you hard work. :-D Sorry Shanda I put your site info in wrong, but now I think I got it fixed so others can find your site too. Have fun surfing all :D

3) http://southernhospitality-rhoda.blogspot.com/ Wow Rhoda, love your house also!! The laundryroom, do you deliever?? (Only in yellow??) Awestruck is my state of mind, beautiful place to do your laundry. If mine looked like that...well, no one would ever have dirty clothes here again! Thank you for sharing. (I would love to have a porch like that one!!!) ;-)

4) http://littlefrenchgardenhouse.blogspot.com/ Lidy... I just fell in love with your flowers!! And the cake... wonderful!!! I will have to try it soon!!! I spent a couple hours at your place the day before yesterday... well spent hours I might add. (by the way, I need about 22 of those doorknobs... in cobalt blue.) I am waiting to see what you brought back from Market!! Looking forward to spending so many more hours there too!!! See you soon. ;-)

5) http://curioussofa.blogspot.com/ I found this one... not only am I in love with everything on Debbie Dunsberry's blog... but she lives about two hours away!! And I know where I am going the next time I get to KCK!! I am going to have a blast keeping up with her blog...AND visiting her boutique...checking it out for what I can bring home!! Thanks Debbie for all your hard work!! Looking forward to seeing you soon! :-D

6) http://home-is-where-the-heart-is.blogspot.com/ Oh wow you all, you should check out Kim's blog. She has done a wonderful job of capturing my attention. I think she says it all in the title of her blog... HOME IS where the heart is!!! Love it, looking forward to stopping back by again, really soon!!!

and last but definitely not the least...

7) http://tuliphouse-valerie.blogspot.com/ Melanie... I found your blog on one of my first days here!! I have been in love with your flowers, since the first moment!! Wonderfully well presented flowers too. You have inspired me to do more work in my own garden!! Please keep sharing with us!! :-D Looking forward to each new post you do...

I would like to do two for honorable mention too... one is http://tomboyaroundtown.blogspot.com/(NJTomboy) and http://robolady.blogspot.com/ (Margo). Wonderful blogs too!! I know I have spun the realm of different blogs, anything from Gardening, Homes... to T2T, but there are so many great ones out...I haven't even begun to find them all!!! BUT looking forward to trying too!!

Hope everyone that stops by here... gets to catch all of these ladies blogs...they are doing such a great job of sharing their homes, gardens and lives with us!! They are all an inspiration to me...along with many other bloggers that I have visited...I would just like to say Thank you to you all!!! AND most of all THANK YOU to Margo for the honor to pass this award to others so deserving!! Hope all of you enjoy your day!! Please remember to be kind to all around you... love them dearly... and always show them how much you love them!! :D And Margo I know I will be be checking yours at every post to see whats new! Thanks again.

Here is a pic of my day lilies... I decided I needed some in the house to enjoy too!!!

I learned that if you pick day lilies with lots of buds on them...they will

last for days!! Beautiful Centerpiece!!

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Sunday Auction Finds :D

Today was a real SCORCHER of a day, 97 in the shade, and there wasn't much of that today. I know I got some bargains because of it thou :) So I will survive...those really hot days...to come home with goodies CHEAP!!

Here are some stemware I got...lots of mismatched pieces...(I am not a matchy, matchy type of girl lol) This one is a set of two, lead crystal ones. I also got some mugs that were lead crystal...Princess house...which I used to sell...right after DH and got married lol.

here are my array of stemware...plus the mugs... $3.00 Yeaa!!

Then here are some of my other glass pieces I picked up for 3.00...must be the theme of the day lol. Anyway, I got this butter dish...to kinda match some of my other cut glass pieces...a couple of heart dishes...

and a dish (I don't know what it is... so any help telling me what it is...would really help) The two sided one, on the left side)

These are my most expensive thing I bought...two ice cream parlor chairs...I have two with a table already...which I thought these two matched...lololol...which its a good thing I don't like matchy, matchy...cuz I goofed if I did. My others are on my blog a few days back...you can check to see how bad my memory really is...lol. But anyway...this splurge cost me $26.00 for the pair. and on the ground behind them is my $1.00 old fence gate. I will show you better pics...before and after. (When I figure out what I am going to do with it.

And DH went to auction with me...I spent less than he did...got more items...he spent more than I did, got two prints... one of them is this one... by Gary Hawks. We were in his (Gary's) hometown for this auction today. Was so much fun spending the day with DH! And then to finish off our day we went out to eat at A&W...where it was nice and cool!! And of course we finished our lovely meal with ice cream :D

I will write (type) more tomorrow...I have to take DGK to vacation bible school in the morning...so I will do more then... Hope everyone had a wonderful, fun -loving filled Sunday. I know I did.

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here is one more of my flea market finds!

Hello again all. sorry I didn't get anything posted yesterday. I had a really problem with getting my internet to stay up and running long enough to get it done. SO I will post for yesterday and today. I hope everyone is having a beau-te-ful day!! I am...I think... so far?

The weather here is cooler today than it was yesterday, reached over 100 degrees at the house..and MUGGY!! I am sooooo glad to not see a repeat. I am hoping to get outside this afternoon, and get some painting done.

Here is my flea market find from last weekend... this one is the $6.00. I am planning on putting candles inside at least on the top... the bottom I am open for suggestions. So please feel free... to submit yours. I am always open to your ideas! :-D I am in hopes of finding some more metal pieces like these.

Here is a give me... if that is what you call what your daughter throws away... lol. My plastic coattree...goes...BIRD feeder!! Like it alot better as bird feeder! At least it stands up now... the coats...made it fall over.... so what good does that do??? lololol.

I have my second bench ready to go together. It is all painet... I know I will have to do touch ups, afterwards... hoping it will go together faster. I have a ton of foam that I got from a lady I found on Craigslist....FREE... and ohhhhh I am chomping at the bit to get to use some of it!!!

Here is one my metal love seat with some of that foam! Not sure what to do about the back.. I kinda like it, the way it is...

Here is the headborad and the footboard. So hopefully it will turn out, and we will we have love it!

plus other headboard and footboards for more benches.

Here is the wasp (I think) that was making his home on my bed pieces.

This one is a different one than I have seen before. And looks pretty vicious...(Iam allergic to them) Yikes!!

I had to go see doc again today. Found out I have tendenitious in right wrist... not fun... at all!!
Have to wear a brace for at least two more weeks. (Been wearing it for a week now lol) But getting better at typing with this silly thing on. Now we will see if I can hold paint brush or drill.
But so much for that...no fun talking about that lol

For the pics of my house here are some of the newer ones!! The walls look like it needs new paint too! Drats... too much to do...lol. But then I do like the color...yellow... my favorite!! :D

And here is one of my favorite Flea market finds... $60. for the table and chairs.. but they weren't gray painted... with gray painted cushions...over the vinyl...yuck!! LOVE them now :D

Porch needs some fixing... lol... alot of finishing work...Right!!! LOL.

Well...I auppose I should go for now...more posts to come... Hope everyone enjoys... Sorry it is SO LONG this time...
I have to learn moderation...and not to be sooooo ADHD...but then...That is me ;-)
Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My house outside and in (kinda??)

Debi's thoughts...catch on if you can??? Don't know if I can. :)

OH!! I pomised some pics of my house... don't laugh... but here is one of my house getting painted... which is still isn't finished...two years later... lol I think :(

House getting some loving attention... sorry house it isn't finished yet :$

And here is one of a project in my bathroom. I found this cabinet in a flea market, LOVED it and had to have it... it was big splurge for me $15.oo, on our aniversary (Dec 28), and the canisters I found, they were a shiney gray color when I found them... but I can't leave anything alone... so I painted them to look like... of all things, my favorite things to find at auctions...crocks!! I Adore these. I have one to finish... it is the red wing...not the easiest to copy... but I have to make mistakes... so no one thinks they are the real thing... lol

my bathroom cabinet... and don't forget my canisters... just love these :D

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

My favorite of my milk cans painted to date!!

Oh, one of the many changing pics of my front porch... with other finds on there.

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Next day lol

Debi's thoughts...catch on if you can??? Don't know if I can. :)

Well, an whole 24 hours has passed since I started my blog!! Wow, how time flies when your having fun!!

I went today to the big city today with my best friend!! She had doc appt., then we went shopping... today was a clothing day for us!! (Not our children, or even the Grandchildren... but you know Na`na`'s, we can't go shopping without buying something for them :) I bought DGD a pink outfit.. her favoite color, and DGS a vest, tie, shirt and pants combo..... ADORABLE!! for their pics! Will post when I get them back!!) But back to the story... I BOUGHT Clothes for ME!!! (first time all year lolol). Need something for upcoming class reunion!! Would you believe it has be 30 years since I got out of school !!!! :( To me it only seems like maybe 5 lol. But youngest graduated then, so can't be me lol. We spent 3 hours in Burlington Coat Factory trying on clothes, the longest I have every taken. lol Maybe I have become more indesisive, who knows???

My senior picture??? Wow! has it really been 30 years??can you see any changes??? wait....

Then we went our for lunch.... was after 4 pm ... so is that still lunch??? We had a really wonderful day together!!! She is such a real sweetheart!!! I think what happened was my mom forgot to tell me I had an older sister, and her mom forgot to tell her she has a younger one. We are closer than my own sisters, (don't get me worng, my sisters and I are close... but....)

I went to the flea market last Saturday, in Tonavah, KS. It is really a nice little spot in the road, not far from Wichita. I think I got some really special buys while i was there, a wroght iron serving cart on wheels....$5.00; and a doulbe farris wheel plant stand....which I am going to take the small pots for plants out, and put in the Glade candle holders with tea lights in... they fit prefectly... for $6.00!!! Those were my two best finds!! Although I didn't spend more than $30.00 there, and came home with a most full Rondevous!! So thought I did well. I will post pics of them in the AM because camera is in car, and it night, and besides, just to lazy to do all that now. Oh well, I couldn't wait here is one of them... if pic is bad... I just took at 1 am lol.

Top view of my $5.00 serving cart Side view yipeeeee me!!

As for todays pics I am going to post some of my daughters, the oldest is the mother of the apples of my eyes, and the youngest is single . I am so proud of both of them!! They have both become well adjusted adults, very loving caring, and of course I might be partical, but the BEST daughters in the world!!! My youngest baked me my first adult birthday cake yesterday!!! It made me cry!! And the cake...(Chocoholic mom.. was in pig heaven!!) was a reeses peanut butter cake with CHOCOLATE ICING!!!! ( oh it is soooooooooo richhhhhhh, yummmmyyyyy!) Thanks dear daughter!! Anyway, before I take up half of the next two pages I think it is time to quit. So here are there pics!

oldest daughter with her daughter and her son
youngest daughter with neice and nephew

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

Wow!! I think I might be figuring this one out

Debi's thoughts...catch on if you can??? Don't know if I can. :)

Now I have posted pics of my hubby and myself, the two lights of my eye, and a really not so hot pic of me ( REALLY NOT SO HOT) but... I am who I am lol.

I will attempt to post some pics of my T2T finds, and then some of the finished projects. Hopefully my picture taking skills will get better.

my heater project turned porch light boy are we cooking now!!

Check out the flame on this one

Earrings, belts and hat holder
whoa, my girls are awefully young
(drawings oh the shelf) our message center at home, must not be any messages, or... no one is home???

Monday, July 14, 2008

My first blog...yikes

Hello all, hopefully this is going to work. I have just started my blog. I hope everyone will be patient with me, while I am still learning how this is done. Thank you to all of those who have given me the inspiration to under take this project.

For my first post I am hoping to get some pics of some finished T2T projects as soon as my puter lets me... not doing so right this moment. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoy doing them.

I will have to read some blogs of those that inspired me to do this. And maybe I will get the hang of this. Please bear with me, and thank you so much too.

I just read a blog of A lovey things, and she is having a Christmas in July giveaway. I am hoping that soon my puter will let me put her up as one of my favs... but my puter is being really cantancerious, ( I know spelling stinks lol) and I may have to throw it in the drink lolol.

Now... here goes we will see if this posts properly and go from there. :)