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Sunday, July 20, 2008

My Sunday Auction Finds :D

Today was a real SCORCHER of a day, 97 in the shade, and there wasn't much of that today. I know I got some bargains because of it thou :) So I will survive...those really hot days...to come home with goodies CHEAP!!

Here are some stemware I got...lots of mismatched pieces...(I am not a matchy, matchy type of girl lol) This one is a set of two, lead crystal ones. I also got some mugs that were lead crystal...Princess house...which I used to sell...right after DH and got married lol.

here are my array of stemware...plus the mugs... $3.00 Yeaa!!

Then here are some of my other glass pieces I picked up for 3.00...must be the theme of the day lol. Anyway, I got this butter dish...to kinda match some of my other cut glass pieces...a couple of heart dishes...

and a dish (I don't know what it is... so any help telling me what it is...would really help) The two sided one, on the left side)

These are my most expensive thing I bought...two ice cream parlor chairs...I have two with a table already...which I thought these two matched...lololol...which its a good thing I don't like matchy, matchy...cuz I goofed if I did. My others are on my blog a few days back...you can check to see how bad my memory really is...lol. But anyway...this splurge cost me $26.00 for the pair. and on the ground behind them is my $1.00 old fence gate. I will show you better pics...before and after. (When I figure out what I am going to do with it.

And DH went to auction with me...I spent less than he did...got more items...he spent more than I did, got two prints... one of them is this one... by Gary Hawks. We were in his (Gary's) hometown for this auction today. Was so much fun spending the day with DH! And then to finish off our day we went out to eat at A&W...where it was nice and cool!! And of course we finished our lovely meal with ice cream :D

I will write (type) more tomorrow...I have to take DGK to vacation bible school in the morning...so I will do more then... Hope everyone had a wonderful, fun -loving filled Sunday. I know I did.

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

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Stacey said...

Hi! Found your blog thru Robolady's. I really like seeing your T2T's! I think the 2 sided dish you got is a relish dish. Pickles/olives. That's what my husband's family always did anyway! Put on the dinner table.