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Monday, July 14, 2008

My first blog...yikes

Hello all, hopefully this is going to work. I have just started my blog. I hope everyone will be patient with me, while I am still learning how this is done. Thank you to all of those who have given me the inspiration to under take this project.

For my first post I am hoping to get some pics of some finished T2T projects as soon as my puter lets me... not doing so right this moment. I hope everyone enjoys them as much as I enjoy doing them.

I will have to read some blogs of those that inspired me to do this. And maybe I will get the hang of this. Please bear with me, and thank you so much too.

I just read a blog of A lovey things, and she is having a Christmas in July giveaway. I am hoping that soon my puter will let me put her up as one of my favs... but my puter is being really cantancerious, ( I know spelling stinks lol) and I may have to throw it in the drink lolol.

Now... here goes we will see if this posts properly and go from there. :)

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