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Tuesday, July 15, 2008

The Next day lol

Debi's thoughts...catch on if you can??? Don't know if I can. :)

Well, an whole 24 hours has passed since I started my blog!! Wow, how time flies when your having fun!!

I went today to the big city today with my best friend!! She had doc appt., then we went shopping... today was a clothing day for us!! (Not our children, or even the Grandchildren... but you know Na`na`'s, we can't go shopping without buying something for them :) I bought DGD a pink outfit.. her favoite color, and DGS a vest, tie, shirt and pants combo..... ADORABLE!! for their pics! Will post when I get them back!!) But back to the story... I BOUGHT Clothes for ME!!! (first time all year lolol). Need something for upcoming class reunion!! Would you believe it has be 30 years since I got out of school !!!! :( To me it only seems like maybe 5 lol. But youngest graduated then, so can't be me lol. We spent 3 hours in Burlington Coat Factory trying on clothes, the longest I have every taken. lol Maybe I have become more indesisive, who knows???

My senior picture??? Wow! has it really been 30 years??can you see any changes??? wait....

Then we went our for lunch.... was after 4 pm ... so is that still lunch??? We had a really wonderful day together!!! She is such a real sweetheart!!! I think what happened was my mom forgot to tell me I had an older sister, and her mom forgot to tell her she has a younger one. We are closer than my own sisters, (don't get me worng, my sisters and I are close... but....)

I went to the flea market last Saturday, in Tonavah, KS. It is really a nice little spot in the road, not far from Wichita. I think I got some really special buys while i was there, a wroght iron serving cart on wheels....$5.00; and a doulbe farris wheel plant stand....which I am going to take the small pots for plants out, and put in the Glade candle holders with tea lights in... they fit prefectly... for $6.00!!! Those were my two best finds!! Although I didn't spend more than $30.00 there, and came home with a most full Rondevous!! So thought I did well. I will post pics of them in the AM because camera is in car, and it night, and besides, just to lazy to do all that now. Oh well, I couldn't wait here is one of them... if pic is bad... I just took at 1 am lol.

Top view of my $5.00 serving cart Side view yipeeeee me!!

As for todays pics I am going to post some of my daughters, the oldest is the mother of the apples of my eyes, and the youngest is single . I am so proud of both of them!! They have both become well adjusted adults, very loving caring, and of course I might be partical, but the BEST daughters in the world!!! My youngest baked me my first adult birthday cake yesterday!!! It made me cry!! And the cake...(Chocoholic mom.. was in pig heaven!!) was a reeses peanut butter cake with CHOCOLATE ICING!!!! ( oh it is soooooooooo richhhhhhh, yummmmyyyyy!) Thanks dear daughter!! Anyway, before I take up half of the next two pages I think it is time to quit. So here are there pics!

oldest daughter with her daughter and her son
youngest daughter with neice and nephew

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!

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Anastasia said...

I know what you mean by not being able to go shopping without buying the DGKd's something. I used to be a NaNa too...that is until the youngest one started calling me Nanee which has now been shortened to just Nee! I like your blog and your pictures. Your house reminds me so much of mine. I thought I was the only one who had paint jobs still unfinished five years later! LOL. I love your porch with all your finds displayed. It looks so homey and inviting. Keep up the good blogging work.