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Thursday, July 31, 2008

Hello again... sorry so long :D and THANKS!

First of all I owe everyone a big apology... Sorry it has been so long since I have posted a new entry. My bloom'n Internet... well... you know. I am posting quickly so I don't lose it.
Please forgive me.

I have so much to tell you... and wow........... can I get it all done? lol Well, to start with... I would like to thank everyone who has posted comments on my blog!! It is very exciting to see that someone is actually reading it!! :D NJTomboy, Anastasia, Margo, Cindee, Shanda, Stacey, Kim, French garden house, Rhoda, Melanie, 'theysaywordscanbleed', Arlene... I love your comments... and your blogs!! I cant get enough of all the wonderful things you post!! I am so glad I could pass on the awards to you, thank you for your kind words of encouragement!! :D (Not sure how to make the face for blushing... but I am. You all make me so proud... but still shy.)

The second thing on today's agenda... is my survey "YOUR FAVORITE HOLIDAY" The outcome was that Christmas was the favorite by 60%... Thanksgiving and Halloween coming in second with 1o% each...and New Years, Valentines, Easter and Flag day all coming in with 10% each. I would like to thank all that voted... very nice to know. Trying to figure out what to do for my next survey. Hoping to have one really soon.

I went to an auction this last Sunday with my DD the oldest one... she got all kinds of goodies... sent some of her good buys home with me... The ones she got in boxes of stuff she didn't want all of :D which is great... cuz I wanted some of it but didn't want to pay that much... we split the cost... (just love that part!!) Had a blast with her... just soooooo tired of the heat!!! Another really hot scorching day!!!

And now for what has been keeping me busy this week... I have been getting ready for our County Fair. It started yesterday... my entries are my bench... a new one... which I don't have finished pics of...yet. BUT I hope to have one this afternoon... And cinnamon rolls that I actually made into a loaf of bread... I will include the recipe in a future post for those that like to bake.

After I got my entries in... I also got to assist the judges with crafts judging... I got to place the appropriate ribbon on the craft, and put the placing on the child's entry form. (Kinda neat to see why judges like what they do... how the place them...) Then to watch the children faces... light up to see what ribbons they got!!!

Here is a pic of of the before of this headboard bench...
Here is the during...

Now for the pic of when it is finished... that will be posted later today... The bench has storage in the seat for shoes... it goes on my front porch... just outside the door. That way NO ONE will be searching for shoes... at least I hope. lololol

After I get it home... I will write on the back... "Nothings sweeter than Butterfly Kisses" and paint some pretty butterflies around and sitting on the saying. I will post a pic after I get that all done so everyone can see. This bench is my absolute favorite!!! (Good thing too... DH has stated... "This will be the last one you keep...YES?") So... I had probably better observe his input... huh??

Tonite is the pedal pull for the kids... I will be taking the DGKs to do that! Then probably spending so time checking out the animals, and riding so rides... the kids not me lol.
Tomorrow is the beef show for the fair... this my favorite part of the fair. Watching the 4-Hers show their animals... how the animals take to the crowd... and the loud speakers... or not!!!
Saturday... will be when I go to help with the 4-H livestock judging... where the kids will judge the animals... and then the judge tells how he scored the animals... and the kids get their scores on judging. My job is to help tally the scores and post them for the kids to see who came in first... etc... for a chance to go to State Fair for the Livestock Judging!!! Love to see the kids participate in fair!!!! Sunday we will work the fair for the Round Robin part... which is where the Grand Champions and Reserve Champions of Showmanship... Jr... Intermediate... and Sr. will show the animal of each category to see who wins the overall showmanship Champion. I will post some pics of the fair outcome when all done too.

Here are some pics of my very first room project... about 10 years after I moved into the house here. My kitchen... it had the old burnt orange and harvest green wallpaper on the walls. So ripped it down... found plaster and lathe walls behind... and cracks in the walls so... I painted it to cover them up... and put IVY all over the cracks!!! You can see what I mean...

this is a crack in the wall, that is covered up with the Ivy, flowers and a butterfly.

here is the ceiling with all the ivy running amuck. around the light fixture is hibiscus flowers.
and then here is the swallowtail butterfly and hibiscus flowers on the side of my cabinets.

It is always spring in my kitchen... which in the winter... is a REALLY GOOD thing... I am not a winter person!! I have a hard time dealing with no flowers... cold... and well all the white... no colors!! But then... I may learn someday to like that too. I love the snow when it comes to Christmas... a must have... and snow angels with the DGKs.

By the way... we have had a really nice break in the weather here... some much needed rain... and some cooler temps too. (Loving that!!!!!!) Well all once again thank you all for encouragement. I hope to see you all again really soon. :D
Have a wonderful day!!!

Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

I love your bench! My dad and I danced to "Butterfly Kisses" for the daddy-daughter dance at my wedding 11 yrs ago. You'll definitely have to post pics when you can! I also like the creativity with the ivy-covered cracks!


Stacey @ The Blessed Nest said...

Congratulations--you're a winner! Let me know your address (my e-mail is on my profile) so I can mail you your goodies! :)


Holly said...

Hi, Debi, I'm Holly!

I've sponge painted over funky plaster before but didn't think about vines and flowers over the cracks. Thanks for the idea!

~ Off to practice vines and flowers!~