I would like to welcome you to my blog. I am very flattered that you came for a visit. I would like to invite to grab a cup of your favorite beverage, sit back, and enjoy your visit.
Hope you have a wonderfully blessed day! And know that you made my day blessed by stopping by. :D

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Oh my... a week already gone by!! ANOTHER Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday!

Oh my... a week already gone by!! How did that happen??
I am not sure how the time got away from me??
I hope everyone is having a great week!! I am sorry I
haven't been able to get back here to blog more.
I have missed everyone terribly. But I figured...
with the pain pills... I wasn't in very good shape to
be trying to talk to anyone! lol.
So for today... grab you a cup of your favorite coffee,
or soda, or juice... find a comfy seat... and lets visit!!

I am having another Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday...
this Thursday, I am healing from the fall...
(earache still here... but getting better!!)
my wrist is doing ok... still tender, but also better,
and elbow is not hurting, just to get the muscle
there to not hurt when I lift something.
O well, I will live!! :D

I have been looking at this horrid thing!!
(and to say the least... not liking it!! Not in
the winter time anyway) ;-)

So I decided to see what I could do to not
look at it! :D and this is what I came up

I went to the lumber yard...
had them make me a frame for my
frame... put hangers on it...

hung it from the wall with two screws...
put two screws on the front of it for the picture...

hung it around the AC...
then I painted a picture on a piece of wood...
cut to fit the frame....
hung the frame on the box....
to cover the AC...
and this is what I got....

I painted the picture to kinda resemble
our farm... some diffs though...
house was what it looked like when we moved
in... (hubby tore off the roof... and upstairs...
made one roof all going the same way...)
painted a light yellow...
the barn... well it is what I wish I had!!
the one we had... well... it was in such bad
shape... it was falling in... now finally on the
ground... (Hoping hubby will let me go tear
the old barn apart now that it on the ground)
The old tractor well... it is the one he runs now!!
Sort of seen better days... but you can't complain...
it gets the job done!! The fences here don't look like
that but what the hey... (it is my imagination huh??)

LOLOL!! I am soooooo happy how it turned out...
I started it last night at 6 pm. and finished it early
this morning... 1 am. lol. Hubby woke up in the
middle of the night to ask me if... I told someone
I would have it done tomorrow?? My reply was:
"yes... me!!" He thought I had lost my marbles!
When he woke up this morning to see it finished,
he came in a gave me a goodbye kiss...(I was
still sleeping... go figure... huh?) and said he
loved it!! It will look nice to cover the old beast!

So there you have all the I was able to accomplish
this last week... besides the dishes... and some
cooking. I hope to be all mended by next week!
I am wanting to get back to work on my basement!

And we are going to a party for his work on Saturday...
and staying over night in Topeka... so we can go
see the RV show on Sunday!! I know which one I want...
but you know I have champagne taste on a wino's
budget too! So, we are still just looking...
but what the heck... I get to spend some time
with my loving hubby... and leave home too!!
What more can a girl ask for?? I get to dance
the night away on Saturday! So I am perfectly HAPPY!!

Hey all of you wonderful ladies out there that
sell what you make... my Mom is making
afghans and would like to sell some...
one... any idea how much to charge for them??
two... know anyone that wants one???
I told her I would ask.
Thanks to everyone!! :D

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday!!

Today I am Thoroughly Thrilled!!! The reason...
well if any of you know me very well...
you know I am a klutz!! I took a fall trying to
get out of the tub two days ago... lol, can you
imagine the image I made??? I can, and it
ain't pretty!! Anyway, I tried to catch myself
by putting out my elbow and hand to catch me..
I hit the side of the tub with both. Long story short,
the wrist is swollen, elbow bone bruised!! (slightly
swollen too) Went to see doc yesterday... he gave
me antibiotic (ear infection lol) and pain killers
both for the ear (drops) and swollen places.
He was so kind as to give me darvaset...
which puts me to sleep for some (quite a while) time...
then I just feel like I am in a real fog!! (And goofy
to say the least.) Anyway... I am trying to
apologize in advance if this post comes off
as slightly discombobulated. (I think that is how
it is spelled! spell checked made it right lol) :D
(As you can tell... with these
drugs... it would make you THRILLED to say
the least lol. (By the way... taking meds...
I don't like to do... but pain sticks... so...)

The things I want to show you today are...
another door idea... my beside table.
Our bedroom is sooo small that I had to
take three pictures to get it all! lol.

this is the top third..
The jewelry box was made for me
as a child...(TOP) I collected
blue items for the room... hence
the blue votives, and my jewelry
hand!! (which I LOVE!!)

in the second third is the lamp
I found flea marketing...
another box... the two bottles
a mother saying from my oldest
daughter. The table top is painted
with crafts paint in the pattern of
the curtain that we use for a door
on our bedroom.

And the last third...
I used the other half of the
table without the legs...
to stabilize the whole thing...
plus it makes a great place to
put things and they don't roll off!

Next is an item I found a week ago...
while Ali and I were flea marketing!
I found this jug....

well, kinda jug... crock...

actually it is a cookie jug!! :D
I love this one... it is with the
rest of my crocks now. (No cookies) :(
another find is these buckets...
they were found at the Dollar General,
as the red, blue or green ones for Christmas
decor. I got the bright idea to paint them!
First with spray paint then craft paint...
and voila!!

the front... Primitive Blessings

the back... Make Deposit Here
and another...

Country welcome on the front...
if you look real close...

you will see... what it holds...
Place Remotes Here!! :D
Do you think everyone that
stops by here will find them??
It took hubby a day and a half to
find them! lol (I love you honey!)

here is what I did with these adorable
folks in my life... and these ladder pic

top is hubby... second Taryn...
and you guessed it bottom...is Brock!! :D
I am making the other to hold
myself at top... and the girls!!
show when it is done.
and this is the items I done on Monday
night waiting for Samantha to call
to tell me she made it back to Manhattan,
after her visit home!!
I painted the hen and rooster!! Check em out!!

I used crafts paints... don't you just love
them paints... you can do anything with
Here is a close up of both...

the hen.... the rooster.....
then I decided I should finish my box...

I used metallic paint in a brass...
top coated with the black...
then wrote "olde treasure's" on it!
and now my shelf is finished off with
these lovely treasures!
(I forgot to take a pic of the finished shelf)

I hope you all enjoyed my tour of the Thoroughly
Thrilled Thursday! I will try to post again soon...
It took me over a hour to type all of this... wrist is
in the white thingy again... (right wrist, right handed!!)
fingers don't like being in this thing (brace) and
to hit the right keys in the process...well, lets just say

I am wishing everyone a Thoroughly Thrilled
Thursday... and my you have a wonderfully blessed
day too!!

**EDITED***I have to add a note thank goodness
for spell check... otherwise I could have been in a
lot of trouble with the teachers out there!! lol ;-)
Sorry my brain is fogged!! (or is that foggy??)
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Two Ideas for doors for Shanda :D And a giveaway!

This a real first for me... I am doing two posts
in one day!! WOW what a record. I don't know
that this will become a habit, but who knows??!! :D

I would like to also post a giveaway from
Lori at http://cuteaspiecottage.blogspot.com/
It is her first ever giveaway, stop by and check
it out! She is a really sweet lady. Enjoy your
visit! :D

Here are two ideas for Shanda's door, from
that she was sooooo lucky to get from
the house next door being torn down.
This one is the one I did from my brother's

old house door, I made a desk out of it.
It has two shelves above, here are pictured
with one wood, one glass. (Both were glass
but I broke one) :( I used some small metal
rectangle tins to make places for my pens and
pencils. Then my desk is half of a table,
that I used L brackets to marry the two
together. I replaced the window with a
mirror. I loved doing my correspondence
at this desk.

Here is all the stuff on the desk.
Don't look to close you will
see my junk too. ;-)

Here is another one that came
from Margo of http://robolady.blogspot.com/
Margo's Junk'n Journal. She did this
beautiful door table.
If you haven't checked out her
blog you should! She has some
Wonderful Ideas!! I can't ever
seem to get enough.
I hope you enjoy her blog as much
as I have.

She used a shutter at the top
of the door, cut a table down
to make the side table.
She used a baby bed springs
for the window part. She had
planned on using it in her
display at the flea market.

So Shanda and others out there,
your imagination is the key to the
kingdom. So open the doors all.

I hope everyone is having a wonderfully
blessed day! I know I did! :D

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Magnificen Monday!! The post of all things (I think) promised to post pics of! :D

Today is Magnificent Monday for me...
the reason... I am getting to catch up on some
much needed blogging!! And first of all I would
like to beg to apologize to Trudy from
Crows in the Attic Primitives!
I won her book giveaway before Christmas,
I put the book under my Christmas tree,
decided I would wait til Christmas morning to
open it... long story short...it got lost...
(grandson brought it to me to open...
got put into trash bag of wrapping paper by one
of the females in the house...Four of us...) I looked
everywhere... went to trash barrels outside... morning
of trash day... (with gloves on) and went through the bags...
YEAH I FOUND IT!! So I took pics, life got out of hand...
I forgot to post it soooo here it is!!

I would like to take this time to really
thank Trudy for her generous gift!!

Here is my gift... Debbie Macombers
book Christmas letters!! I have since
read it... LOVED IT!!! My daughters
are now reading it. Thanks again,
Trudy dear. (Sorry so long getting it posted!)

Here is my gift to my hubby for our anniversary...
another picture due from past post!!
For those that didn't read it...
we celebrated 25 years...
I made him this sign...

hung it above the kitchen/livingroom
doorway... His reply when he opened it...
was "As long as my knees hold out!" :D
I got this idea where to hang the sign
from Shanda at
on a post of hers about dancing in the
kitchen with her husband. I would like to
thank her very much for the memories
to come for us... we have danced
in the kitchen many times since
I hung this sign! Thanks Shanda!!

Here is a sign I made at the same time
which hangs just inside the front door
where it can be seen as soon as you enter.
I had it hung outside the door... but for
some reason I just wasn't quite comfortable
leaving it there, so it came into the house.

And here is the picture I painted that
I promised in the last post to post
a picture of... this is an up close
pic, it really isn't that big.
But boy there is some satisfaction
in knowing I finally painted a picture
that looks like it is supposed too...
after all those years of schooling...
and I finally get it right with the help
of my best friend Ali!! :D THANKS ALI!!!

this is how big it actually is...
not as big as I would like to have
it now that it is done... but when
I started to paint it... it was too big!!
If you know what I mean!?? lol

Well I hope you all enjoyed my catch up
post... sorry it took so long to get on the
stick and get it done. But now I can say
I am glad I finally got some lose ends tied
up! I hope you all have a wonderfully blessed
day! And thank you for sharing that beautiful
day with me! :D

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Friday, January 16, 2009

My Sweet Saturday....

Hello All, it has been over a week since I was able
to get to the puter...
I have been doing all kinds of things this last week...
I read on some one's blog... not sure which one
about a book called "The House That Cleans Itself"
by Mindy Starks Clark. I have been reading it...
and doing as I am told... CLEANING HOUSE!!
Wow, I don't know about you... but this is a really
good book! So far I have managed to clean up &
out my Kitchen!! WHICH TOOK ME THREE DAYS!!
But now, everything has been washed, cleaned, decided
if I use it, or not... if not it is gone!! And I ain't getting
another one!! :D My floors got a really good hard scrubbing
on my hands and knees!! Boy how it gleams!! I feel wonderful
that all of this is done!! Now I am working on the next item
that is driving me nuts... my basement!! (STILL) I know
I was working on this before Christmas... but
now I have a plan!! Thanks Mindy!!! I needed
a kick in the seat of the pants!!
While cleaning things up... I found this...

No I won't throw that out... Grandma
and my mom would shot me!
Maybe if I start ironing again...
I will use it!! LOL... NOT!!
But I am still keeping this one!

I have been painting pics... one
with my best friend Ali, she talked
me into do a landscape, and wow,
THANKS ALI!! I love it... I haven't painted
anything like this since High school, and they
didn't turn out like this even then!! I will show
you pics later today... Camera will be back home
then. I finished this piece of embroidery...

Glad it is done... don't know if
I will be doing anymore of this!!
Hands HURT after an hour of this!!
I have a very new found respect for
ANYONE that does this on a regular
basis!! My hats off to you all!!!

I found a new saying I am going to make
into a sign for the Kitchen,
"My grandmother used it,
My Mother threw it away,
I bought it."
If only we would have known this,
maybe mom wouldn't have thrown it out??
Not sure about that one, not when mom was
an the rampage to clean. (Or for that
matter even me!!) :D

I played backgammon tonite on the puter,
which I haven't done in some time, I ran into
some old friends, and made some new ones too.
I won some, lost more. But had a good time,
thanks all!! I ran into a friend that I haven't seen
in over a year, Kim it was soo nice to see you and
I really enjoyed the chat too!!! Wow, I couldn't
believe it was that long since I have seen you!
I found out today that one of my dearest friends
there has passed away. Which needless to say is
very sad! Reed will be missed by one and all,
he was very sweet to everyone, always made me
laugh, and no matter what he brought a smile to
my face. We shared many a good joke, both
while playing backgammon and by email. Reed,
dear, I will miss you... but the good Lord brought
an even better friend back home. You will always
remain in my heart dear!

I found on my last post, an comment from an
author, DM McGowen, I felt so very privileged
that someone who writes for a living would spend
some time in his day reading my blog. I don't mean
to say that I don't appreciate everyone else here,
because I really do, all the friendships here formed
make me feel blessed. I just wanted to say thank
you to everyone!! And I have a really big smile
on my face just knowing that one authors read mine.
and he even posted my blog on his blog page!!!
How neat is that?? To little ole me... just great!!
If you get the chance you should check his out too.

I truly do feel blessed today!
I hope everyone else does too!! :D
Have a wonderfully blessed day all!!!!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Twirling Tissy Tuesday :D

Twirling Tissy Tuesday... I am trying out
new names for days of the week.. not sure I like this one...
But I think it describes my day!!

To start off with, I would like to Thank everyone
for their comments. You have no idea how much it
means to me to realize that someone is reading all of this.
And actually gets me, from time to time!! And by the way,
all, I checked out the number of visitors to this blog, I can't
even begin to believe the number!! 3256 as of the time I am
posting now!! (I know several of these are me checking
comments, and getting ready to post, and checking after I
post, but WOW!!!!) Thank you all for stopping by for
all of these great visits. And for those that stop by
on the QT, without you all, I would just be talking
to myself. (Kinda weird when I think of it that way)
;-) xxxx. Debi

Now for why I am in a tissy, Hubby and I drove to
K.C. on Sunday, to find that a place we have passed
many times in our lives, both young and now, is being
torn down to make room for progress. In the form of
more highway!! They tore down the old drive in theater
several years ago, to make room for the race track,
but now an old farm with a dairy is being torn down
to make room for the new highway!! It is right beside
I-35 highway.... and now all there is left is this
The old barn!!! The house has been torn down,
they have all the fencing down, (no more dairy cows)
the silo are still standing for now... but it
really breaks my heart to see progress
taking it's toll on another farm!!! This one
has been by the highway since I can remember,
and remember I am OVER 40!! (Yikes!!)
You can see the side of the highway in the fore
ground of the pic... and all around the barn is
new dirt roads where the construction
crew drive, park. I am afraid the next time
we go by, there will be no more barn either!
Makes me wish I had taken a picture years ago!!
Instead of now!! Sorry for the ranting! But it
makes me very sad!!! :(
Thank you for listening to me.

I will now go
onto something good! I have a new sign for
my one and only bathroom... "the powder room"
One of my new favs! But then I think I say that
about each new sign!! :D

Hope you enjoy it too :D

At our Christmas get together for Hubby's side,
Robbie, of the family, we finally got our pictures
taken as a family!! The last one was taken when
Samantha was just 4, and she had cut her hair,
the day before we had the pics taken!!
Well, I go the pic today!! HERE IT IS!!

Back row, Jesse, Dick, Hubby Robbie,
Leon, Bob, Brian, Bill (peeking), Nikki,
Third Row, Janet, Judy, ME, Ann, Mary,
Andy, Second row Samantha, Nicole, Brock,
Helen (the mom of all of them), Christi,
Front Row (Sitting) Scoti, Taryn,
Emily, with Cale on her lap, and Haley.
And believe it or not that isn't all of them
either!!! Those missing are in number of one
daughter and her husband, Janet's son,
Leon's wife and another son, Ann's daughter
and her family of four sons, (daughter is Emily)
Brian's son, and one daughter-in-law, I personally
think that the number pictured is really good one,
considering no one knew we were taking a family
photo (professional one anyway!) I am so happy
to have this one!! Robbie's mom will celebrate
her 88th birthday on January 29th!! (Kansas'
birthday too!!) So to all of us this picture is worth
a million bucks!!

Well all I have bored you long enough for this post,
(hopefully not... but I do have a big tendency to ramble)
I will close for now!
Here's to hoping you all have the most blessed day!!

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year To ALL!!! & a Absolutely Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday!!!!! :D And Tagged's answeres

First off, I would like to wish everyone a
Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May the New Year... bring with it,
lots of Love, Joy, Peace and Friendship into your lives!!

(The first sign you read when you walk into our door now!
I thought I had a pic but I don't so I will take one later for you all!)

Second thing for my post today, is to let you know,
about our anniversary date!! Robbie took me to Prairie
Band Casino for the last few days. We left here on Sunday,
to return on Wednesday morning. I was sooo nice to get away,
discover each other again. (It was just like we were on a honeymoon!)
Couldn't get enough of each other. We talked alot, held hands where
ever we went, spent hours in our room (WITH NO TV!!) lol... didn't
know THAT was still possible. We ate meals in the casino buffet... and
never left hungry!! Can you imagine, lol. I was sooooo sweet of him to
spend his time spoiling me in every way!! Yes we did gamble a bit... I
spent $70. and won back $120. so I came out ahead by $50.
Robbie, not so good. But who cares... we had a blast!! We have
now celebrated out 25 year together married that is!! :D

This sign has taken up residency in
our Bedroom where we both can see it, and do just that!!

I gave to my husband a sign that I made him... pics later too,
That reads "Shall We Dance for the Rest of Our Lives?"
His reply was, "As long as my knees hold out honey!"

Yesterday we came home, got ready to go to my brothers and
sister-in-laws house for New Year's eve. We spent the night
with my mom, step dad, sister, brother and his wife, their son,
my cousin and his wife, their two children, a friend of my mom's,
and some friends of my brothers, and their family.
It was quite a house full!! We had a bit to drink, played cards,
visited, laughed ALOT!! and brought in the New year together!!
That may sound funny to say we didn't go out and party,
but it seems that I am taking more joy as I age
(NOT LIKING THAT WORD!!) lol. in spending time with family
& friends more than with strangers drinking! (I am finally getting
my priorities in shape!!) We all hugged and wished everyone a great
2009!! (I remember as a child thinking that 2000 anything was an
eternity away, when did it happen that it snuck up on us???)

And now to answer the two tags I got one is from
Melanie at http://tuliphouse-valerie.blogspot.com/
and the other is from Audrey at
I am going to do Melanie's today, and save
Audrey's for the next post!
(It will take me a day to think of six more random
facts about me lol)

I hope you enjoy these:

Melanie's is 7 random things, with 7 tags:
then to let them know that you have posted
your tag...
so here goes. in honor of our 25th
anniversary I thought I would let you know
7 random facts about how we meet... and married!

1. I met my future husband at a bar, my boss,
(sweet Goodie, an older German lady!! GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!)
introduced us, ... her daughter and my future went to
school together and hung out with the group for years!!
He had just gotten off work and come in for a beer,
some good conversation, and to unwind.

2. We met on April 29th, (three days after his birthday!)
After work, we went riding around, and he took me out
to breakfast, then took me home!
He kissed me good night! It was the next weekend when I
seen him next. He worked all the rest of the week, nights!!

3.We dated every chance we got, weekdays, weekends,
weeknights, weekend nights. He worked a rotating schedule
7 days of days, 48 hour turnaround, 7 days of swing shifts,
with the next 48 turnaround, and then 7 days of nights.
Only to get 3 days... of should I say 36 hours off.
And then he had a week (5 days) of classes.
Just to start all over again!!

4.On Thanksgiving that year, I met all of his family,
(didn't know that I already knew his dad!!)
His family consists of 8 children, and his mom and dad.
But not only was his whole family there, but his
mom's sisters (3) and their families were there,
along with her mother!
So as you can guess there was a really BIG House
full of people... and I wasn't even used to more than
20 people at a family gathering, little alone 50+!!!
(it was more like 75!!)

5. On November 30, we moved in together into his house!
(I had my daughter already, been burnt once... )
It was a really new experience for me!!
(I know I put the horse before the cart... but...)
Anyway, we spent the next few months getting
know each other, each others faults,
used to having someone else to answer to... and
getting ready for the next step in our relationship!

6.We decided that we were definitely in love, (lust, but
Deeper!!) He asked me to marry him,
and on December 20th we filed for a marriage
license, went and got the rings, and decided on a date.
Neither one of us wanted to wait any longer!!
So we were married three days after Christmas!
We were married one year, and one month later.

7. We took our honeymoon at home for his 48 hour turnaround.
My mom took Scoti for those two days, and we enjoyed each
others company!!

Not exactly the normal way of doing things, but then
for those of you that know me at all... I have
never done anything in the normal fashion!!!

My tags are:

1.Janet at Primrose Design
2. Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers
3. Barb at Reflections on an Empty Nest
4.Lidy at Frenchgardenhouse
5.Oodles and Oodles
6. Ann-Marie at The Simple Life
7. Rachel at A Romantic Porch
Looking forward to reading these ladies tags too!!

I have read some really good resolutions today,
mine is nothing really great... I made two...
1. to keep cooking healthy, and eat better
(three square's a day) to help lose some weight,
2. to not take anyone in my life for granted!!
Let them know what they mean to me...
and that I love them all!! :D
Please everyone that reads this...

This is my new mantra too:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!