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Thursday, January 1, 2009

Happy New Year To ALL!!! & a Absolutely Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday!!!!! :D And Tagged's answeres

First off, I would like to wish everyone a
Very HAPPY NEW YEAR!! May the New Year... bring with it,
lots of Love, Joy, Peace and Friendship into your lives!!

(The first sign you read when you walk into our door now!
I thought I had a pic but I don't so I will take one later for you all!)

Second thing for my post today, is to let you know,
about our anniversary date!! Robbie took me to Prairie
Band Casino for the last few days. We left here on Sunday,
to return on Wednesday morning. I was sooo nice to get away,
discover each other again. (It was just like we were on a honeymoon!)
Couldn't get enough of each other. We talked alot, held hands where
ever we went, spent hours in our room (WITH NO TV!!) lol... didn't
know THAT was still possible. We ate meals in the casino buffet... and
never left hungry!! Can you imagine, lol. I was sooooo sweet of him to
spend his time spoiling me in every way!! Yes we did gamble a bit... I
spent $70. and won back $120. so I came out ahead by $50.
Robbie, not so good. But who cares... we had a blast!! We have
now celebrated out 25 year together married that is!! :D

This sign has taken up residency in
our Bedroom where we both can see it, and do just that!!

I gave to my husband a sign that I made him... pics later too,
That reads "Shall We Dance for the Rest of Our Lives?"
His reply was, "As long as my knees hold out honey!"

Yesterday we came home, got ready to go to my brothers and
sister-in-laws house for New Year's eve. We spent the night
with my mom, step dad, sister, brother and his wife, their son,
my cousin and his wife, their two children, a friend of my mom's,
and some friends of my brothers, and their family.
It was quite a house full!! We had a bit to drink, played cards,
visited, laughed ALOT!! and brought in the New year together!!
That may sound funny to say we didn't go out and party,
but it seems that I am taking more joy as I age
(NOT LIKING THAT WORD!!) lol. in spending time with family
& friends more than with strangers drinking! (I am finally getting
my priorities in shape!!) We all hugged and wished everyone a great
2009!! (I remember as a child thinking that 2000 anything was an
eternity away, when did it happen that it snuck up on us???)

And now to answer the two tags I got one is from
Melanie at http://tuliphouse-valerie.blogspot.com/
and the other is from Audrey at
I am going to do Melanie's today, and save
Audrey's for the next post!
(It will take me a day to think of six more random
facts about me lol)

I hope you enjoy these:

Melanie's is 7 random things, with 7 tags:
then to let them know that you have posted
your tag...
so here goes. in honor of our 25th
anniversary I thought I would let you know
7 random facts about how we meet... and married!

1. I met my future husband at a bar, my boss,
(sweet Goodie, an older German lady!! GOD BLESS YOU DEAR!)
introduced us, ... her daughter and my future went to
school together and hung out with the group for years!!
He had just gotten off work and come in for a beer,
some good conversation, and to unwind.

2. We met on April 29th, (three days after his birthday!)
After work, we went riding around, and he took me out
to breakfast, then took me home!
He kissed me good night! It was the next weekend when I
seen him next. He worked all the rest of the week, nights!!

3.We dated every chance we got, weekdays, weekends,
weeknights, weekend nights. He worked a rotating schedule
7 days of days, 48 hour turnaround, 7 days of swing shifts,
with the next 48 turnaround, and then 7 days of nights.
Only to get 3 days... of should I say 36 hours off.
And then he had a week (5 days) of classes.
Just to start all over again!!

4.On Thanksgiving that year, I met all of his family,
(didn't know that I already knew his dad!!)
His family consists of 8 children, and his mom and dad.
But not only was his whole family there, but his
mom's sisters (3) and their families were there,
along with her mother!
So as you can guess there was a really BIG House
full of people... and I wasn't even used to more than
20 people at a family gathering, little alone 50+!!!
(it was more like 75!!)

5. On November 30, we moved in together into his house!
(I had my daughter already, been burnt once... )
It was a really new experience for me!!
(I know I put the horse before the cart... but...)
Anyway, we spent the next few months getting
know each other, each others faults,
used to having someone else to answer to... and
getting ready for the next step in our relationship!

6.We decided that we were definitely in love, (lust, but
Deeper!!) He asked me to marry him,
and on December 20th we filed for a marriage
license, went and got the rings, and decided on a date.
Neither one of us wanted to wait any longer!!
So we were married three days after Christmas!
We were married one year, and one month later.

7. We took our honeymoon at home for his 48 hour turnaround.
My mom took Scoti for those two days, and we enjoyed each
others company!!

Not exactly the normal way of doing things, but then
for those of you that know me at all... I have
never done anything in the normal fashion!!!

My tags are:

1.Janet at Primrose Design
2. Lori at Morning Glories and Moonflowers
3. Barb at Reflections on an Empty Nest
4.Lidy at Frenchgardenhouse
5.Oodles and Oodles
6. Ann-Marie at The Simple Life
7. Rachel at A Romantic Porch
Looking forward to reading these ladies tags too!!

I have read some really good resolutions today,
mine is nothing really great... I made two...
1. to keep cooking healthy, and eat better
(three square's a day) to help lose some weight,
2. to not take anyone in my life for granted!!
Let them know what they mean to me...
and that I love them all!! :D
Please everyone that reads this...

This is my new mantra too:

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!


A Romantic Porch said...

I got the random tag done. Come read it...you info is very interesting too! xo rachel

web site design said...

Thank u r information

~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Debi Dearest,
Hey, I've been on a much needed blog break but I am back up and running. I'm here to thank you for all your kind, kind words and your prayers for the baby-She is doing so great Debi-What a little blessing, I just can't tell you!
I always thought my heart was full but now that she has come along I see there was a big hole that needed to be filled with love for her!

I look forward to more blogging with you this year and hope you and your family have a happy blessed NEW YEAR!
Much love,

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Debi ~ sounds like a fun time at the casino...what a sweet hubby to surprise you like that!


~♥~ Monica S said...


Happy new year!!