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Saturday, December 27, 2008

Super Saturday!!

Hello again!! Yes it is a SUPER Saturday here! :D

I have been a busy beaver today... I have gotten
the house cleaned up... bathroom... laundry all done...
Beds washed... livingroom/diningroom cleaned up
(table left to do) and kitchen still to do! BUT BOY
The reason it hasn't gotten done before... besides the
Holidays... hubby has taken vacation... and I don't get
much of ANYTHING done when he is home!!
WHY??? You ask??? I am old fashioned I guess...
He is home... we spend time together??? I am not

Anyway I decided to share with you some of the
Christmas items I got to paint... now that the
recipients have them....

Here is the pic of the cows on the cow skill...
was my brothers' Christmas present!!
HE LOVED IT!! (I have decided... COWS NOT

This one is Samantha's, this is how she describes
her life.... AND she asked for one of these.

This one wasn't a gift... it is hung in my bathroom...
above the bathtub!! I love it!! :D

and this is a redo... of the Welcome sign.
I decided it was hard to read with all the little kid writing.
So I redid it... I isn't quite as hard to read... Not sure I am
happy with it yet. But for now anyway it hangs just inside
my house... across from the front door.
Tomorrow is our 25th wedding anniversary... and
Robbie (Hubby) says we are going somewhere...
to celebrate. I don't have any details... don't know how long...
where... or anything else. He said to pack enough for 5 days...
so who knows where, or what. I Do know WHEN thou. ;-)
So I will let everyone know what we do when I get back...
hope everyone else has as much fun as it sounds like I will be having!!
I am glad to have gotten to read alot of everyone's Christmas events.
And the problem of posting comments has worked out today...
not sure what it was... but anyway.

O! And it would seem that I lost some of my favorite T2T
Blogs... I was editing it... and some how it deleted it.
If you notice that one of them is yours, PLEASE leave me
a comment... and I WILL put it back... I really do love to read
all about your day! Sorry for having some fumble fingers!!!
THANK YOU ALL for your help!!

I hope everyone has a Absolutely wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Cher said...

Lucky brother! I like his gift.

Have a great trip. How wonderful he's got a plan for you. Sounds exciting.

The Texas Woman

cindee said...

Wow congrats on your 25th!! We soon will be 27!! Time sure flies doesn't it? I hope you have a wonderful Anniversery wherever you go!!!! Happy New Year too!!!

countrygirl3031 said...

Hi Debi ~ I love your painting...they are lucky people to receive those gifts!

Oooooo....I'm excited to hear where you're going for your anniversary...don't forget to take pictures!


Melanie said...

Ooooo, have fun on your anniversary trip you lucky thing! ;)

I got little red x's for about half the pictures on this post, but the ones I can see are very nice!

Audrey said...

Happy New Year Debi!! Hope that 2009 is your best year yet.