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Saturday, December 20, 2008

Here it is Saturday already... where did the time go... and what I have been doing!! :D

WOW!! I didn’t realize how time had gotten away from me!!
It has been a week since my last post!!
I have been a really busy Elf here!!
Getting ready for the fabulous Christmas holiday!!
O, me on my… this little elf has been sewing… painting… painting…
and cleaning… cooking… and still more bake to do yet. I still
have some more cutting out… and sewing yet to do too!!
But let me tell you I am having ssssssooooooooo much fun!!
This is one of the signs I have been working on for Christmas presents.

Today I finished a very sweet little boys Christmas present…
and no it is not Brock’s… it belongs to a little boy in town... that
loves Lightening McQueen, Mater, and Sally!!

Here are two pics of the finished products…
I AM SOOOO Pleased with it!! I wish that Santa
could be there to watch him open his presents!! But he will
have to settle for a picture of him on Christmas morn!!
The family has a very special Christmas morning feast
that they have... then they open their Christmas presents...
Doesn’t that sound soooo sweet!! I don’t know of a year that
I have been so anxiously awaiting Christmas!! And I don’t
really care what Santa brings me… I just want to see all
of those adorable faces as they open up their gifts that Santa

I was in the middle of painting yesterday… when my mail
lady beeped her horn… She had a package for me!!I got my
Secret Santa Ornaments!! They are so cute!!My secret
Santa and her daughter sent me this package…
Inside I found a really cute and sweetly made card…
her 6 year old daughter made it for me!! They spend their
time together crafting for their special time!! My package
came all the way from… AUSTRALIA!!
Check out all of these goodies…
A star… with glitter!!
A small stocking with “Pascall” candies…
YUMMY!!A small card ornament…
A loaf of bread with icing… (just adorable)
Some little stars… candy canes… and Christmas trees!!
all covered with glitter…
Here is a picture with all the ornies on the tree…
with my great sign from Sue! :D
The loaf and stars, candy canes, and trees on my
Little plate… :D
Such a sweet surprise!! THANK YOU So much my secret
Santa (and really cute daughter!!) You’re both so thoughtful!!
I hope Santa brought you all you wish for too!!

Here is the package... what was inside... and lookie they look sooo cute on my tree!!
THANK you both!! :D
Btw how do you do the little loaves??? I LOVE IT!! :D
I have been cooking some of my pumpkins up…
or should I say… down…. I have been making them
into pumpkin for pies!! I managed to get three of them done.
So look out here comes the pies…
out of three pumpkins… I enough to do six pies!!
Hubby is loving that one!!
He baked two pecan pies to take to
work for his Christmas luncheon… and did a great job!!
His first attempt at making pies!! :D
I baked some cookies for Taryn’s Christmas Cookie
exchange!! She invited NaNa… and so I made six dozen
cookies for this. We did it today!!! !Sunday the
whole family will be going to Hubby’s moms
for Christmas. I have made Chex Party Mix…
a pumpkin pie… a pecan pie...
and not sure what else I will decide to bake…
On Thursday my best friend, Ali is came out to help me
get my brother’s Christmas present so it looks what it is
supposed to… (I will show you all pics after Christmas Eve)
My sister in law checks out the blog from time to time…
Brother can’t see!! ;-) I am having some trouble with this one!!
She helped me figure out why it didn't look right...
now I have to fix it!! THANKS ALI!!! :D
I have done some more signs…
show you later too... still have to figure out one
for my step dad's shop, and have one more to do...
for Samantha… Then I have to paint an angel for my mom...
But I am slowly making some progress!! :D
Well I hope everyone is having a wonderful time!!
I look forward to getting more done… so I can come
Back to my blogging friends to see what is happening
In your lives too!! May God bless you too!!

I have been tagged twice... Being as this one is such a long post...
I will post the tags either Sunday or Monday.
Thank you Melanie and Audrey!!
I promise I will get them done!! :D
May Santa bring you all need... and most everything you wish for!! :D

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Darlene said...

Hi Debi...

OH WOW absolutely spectacular gifts from Bek & her daughter!! ... really beautiful.

You gals have been such an awesome bunch of ladies in this Honeypot swap. It's been my pleasure to host this event & get to know some wonderful new friends & their blogs.

Take care... may your day be filled with creative stitching & festive inspiration!

Wishing you & your family a wonderful Christmas & New Year.


~♥~ Monica S said...

Nice gifts :-) isn't it special to get presents from a far away country?? I think so! :-)

Hope you are doing fine!
Merry Christmas Debi!