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Thursday, January 22, 2009

Thoroughly Thrilled Thursday!!

Today I am Thoroughly Thrilled!!! The reason...
well if any of you know me very well...
you know I am a klutz!! I took a fall trying to
get out of the tub two days ago... lol, can you
imagine the image I made??? I can, and it
ain't pretty!! Anyway, I tried to catch myself
by putting out my elbow and hand to catch me..
I hit the side of the tub with both. Long story short,
the wrist is swollen, elbow bone bruised!! (slightly
swollen too) Went to see doc yesterday... he gave
me antibiotic (ear infection lol) and pain killers
both for the ear (drops) and swollen places.
He was so kind as to give me darvaset...
which puts me to sleep for some (quite a while) time...
then I just feel like I am in a real fog!! (And goofy
to say the least.) Anyway... I am trying to
apologize in advance if this post comes off
as slightly discombobulated. (I think that is how
it is spelled! spell checked made it right lol) :D
(As you can tell... with these
drugs... it would make you THRILLED to say
the least lol. (By the way... taking meds...
I don't like to do... but pain sticks... so...)

The things I want to show you today are...
another door idea... my beside table.
Our bedroom is sooo small that I had to
take three pictures to get it all! lol.

this is the top third..
The jewelry box was made for me
as a child...(TOP) I collected
blue items for the room... hence
the blue votives, and my jewelry
hand!! (which I LOVE!!)

in the second third is the lamp
I found flea marketing...
another box... the two bottles
a mother saying from my oldest
daughter. The table top is painted
with crafts paint in the pattern of
the curtain that we use for a door
on our bedroom.

And the last third...
I used the other half of the
table without the legs...
to stabilize the whole thing...
plus it makes a great place to
put things and they don't roll off!

Next is an item I found a week ago...
while Ali and I were flea marketing!
I found this jug....

well, kinda jug... crock...

actually it is a cookie jug!! :D
I love this one... it is with the
rest of my crocks now. (No cookies) :(
another find is these buckets...
they were found at the Dollar General,
as the red, blue or green ones for Christmas
decor. I got the bright idea to paint them!
First with spray paint then craft paint...
and voila!!

the front... Primitive Blessings

the back... Make Deposit Here
and another...

Country welcome on the front...
if you look real close...

you will see... what it holds...
Place Remotes Here!! :D
Do you think everyone that
stops by here will find them??
It took hubby a day and a half to
find them! lol (I love you honey!)

here is what I did with these adorable
folks in my life... and these ladder pic

top is hubby... second Taryn...
and you guessed it bottom...is Brock!! :D
I am making the other to hold
myself at top... and the girls!!
show when it is done.
and this is the items I done on Monday
night waiting for Samantha to call
to tell me she made it back to Manhattan,
after her visit home!!
I painted the hen and rooster!! Check em out!!

I used crafts paints... don't you just love
them paints... you can do anything with
Here is a close up of both...

the hen.... the rooster.....
then I decided I should finish my box...

I used metallic paint in a brass...
top coated with the black...
then wrote "olde treasure's" on it!
and now my shelf is finished off with
these lovely treasures!
(I forgot to take a pic of the finished shelf)

I hope you all enjoyed my tour of the Thoroughly
Thrilled Thursday! I will try to post again soon...
It took me over a hour to type all of this... wrist is
in the white thingy again... (right wrist, right handed!!)
fingers don't like being in this thing (brace) and
to hit the right keys in the process...well, lets just say

I am wishing everyone a Thoroughly Thrilled
Thursday... and my you have a wonderfully blessed
day too!!

**EDITED***I have to add a note thank goodness
for spell check... otherwise I could have been in a
lot of trouble with the teachers out there!! lol ;-)
Sorry my brain is fogged!! (or is that foggy??)
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!


Sue said...

You have been busy and I love the things you have done. I am amazed when I see what other people can do with paints...not me...just spray paint! I am sorry you are in pain and hope you feel better real soon.

~♥~ Monica S said...

YOu have kept yourself pretty busy.. inspite of the accident and the pain haven't you!??

I hope you're feeling better!!

LOVE the rooster.. I just love them!


~♥~ Monica S said...

YOu have kept yourself pretty busy.. inspite of the accident and the pain haven't you!??

I hope you're feeling better!!

LOVE the rooster.. I just love them!


laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Hope you are feeling much better when you come out of the fog. Great projects. laurie

kansasrose said...

Hi Debi! Soooo happy to meet another Kansan blogger! Your blog is wonderful and you are one busy gal! Hope you are on the mend after your fall. Sounds painful....

I love the bench and all your cute ideas. I'm gonna add you to my blogroll. :) Thanks for stopping by my blog and the warm comments. Yes..let's have coffe and chat!

God Bless,

kansasrose Jen