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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Here is one more of my flea market finds!

Hello again all. sorry I didn't get anything posted yesterday. I had a really problem with getting my internet to stay up and running long enough to get it done. SO I will post for yesterday and today. I hope everyone is having a beau-te-ful day!! I am...I think... so far?

The weather here is cooler today than it was yesterday, reached over 100 degrees at the house..and MUGGY!! I am sooooo glad to not see a repeat. I am hoping to get outside this afternoon, and get some painting done.

Here is my flea market find from last weekend... this one is the $6.00. I am planning on putting candles inside at least on the top... the bottom I am open for suggestions. So please feel free... to submit yours. I am always open to your ideas! :-D I am in hopes of finding some more metal pieces like these.

Here is a give me... if that is what you call what your daughter throws away... lol. My plastic coattree...goes...BIRD feeder!! Like it alot better as bird feeder! At least it stands up now... the coats...made it fall over.... so what good does that do??? lololol.

I have my second bench ready to go together. It is all painet... I know I will have to do touch ups, afterwards... hoping it will go together faster. I have a ton of foam that I got from a lady I found on Craigslist....FREE... and ohhhhh I am chomping at the bit to get to use some of it!!!

Here is one my metal love seat with some of that foam! Not sure what to do about the back.. I kinda like it, the way it is...

Here is the headborad and the footboard. So hopefully it will turn out, and we will we have love it!

plus other headboard and footboards for more benches.

Here is the wasp (I think) that was making his home on my bed pieces.

This one is a different one than I have seen before. And looks pretty vicious...(Iam allergic to them) Yikes!!

I had to go see doc again today. Found out I have tendenitious in right wrist... not fun... at all!!
Have to wear a brace for at least two more weeks. (Been wearing it for a week now lol) But getting better at typing with this silly thing on. Now we will see if I can hold paint brush or drill.
But so much for that...no fun talking about that lol

For the pics of my house here are some of the newer ones!! The walls look like it needs new paint too! Drats... too much to do...lol. But then I do like the color...yellow... my favorite!! :D

And here is one of my favorite Flea market finds... $60. for the table and chairs.. but they weren't gray painted... with gray painted cushions...over the vinyl...yuck!! LOVE them now :D

Porch needs some fixing... lol... alot of finishing work...Right!!! LOL.

Well...I auppose I should go for now...more posts to come... Hope everyone enjoys... Sorry it is SO LONG this time...
I have to learn moderation...and not to be sooooo ADHD...but then...That is me ;-)
Enjoy your day... don't forget to hug someone... and get one in return...and oh yes, to Live well, Laugh often, and to LOVE much!!


Robolady said...

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cindee said...

congrats on your aweard!!!!(-: I love your trash to treasures(-: Great flea market finds. I love the old beds for benches!!!

Shanda said...

Thanks for stopping in and taking the time to say hello. I enjoyed your blog today, love all the Sunday finds you have. It was a scortcher yesterday wasn't it. I should have waited until today to do my shopping. I came home yesterday a melted down mess. Too hot for me.