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Monday, August 25, 2008

Giveaway...Butterfly tutorial... and how I use a ladder

is having a great Christmas swap!! Everyone should go over and check it out!!

Here is my first tutorial...

hopefully this makes it easier

paint butterflies!!

first of all here is my inspiration for monarchs!!

My magnet I keep on a metal wall sconce.

second, I sketch out the size and shape of my butterfly...

the next part is to paint the body of the butterfly...

Here is when I start choosing the colors for my butterfly...

I mix them till I get the color I like... in this case I used red.. yellow... and white.

Each part of the wing is painted a different shade of orange.

The next step is to take a fine brush... I use a scripto brush..

Start making my black lines to fill in around the outside of the wings

I start coloring in the black lines with a 1/8 inch brush.
draw the lines of the wings with scripto brush...
to look like the butterfly

Start making the dots on the bold outside of wings...

You have your butterfly

and then this is how they look all finished :D

My next tutorial will be a how to on...
lettering your words...
how to hold your brush...pen...
and write!!!

Now for how I use a ladder...
Do I climb one???
NO!! I would fall off!!
So I use them to hold all of my pots!!
Hubby don't like them... he has to mow around them

Have a wonderful day!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Marge said...

Debi, great butterfly tutorial! You do such very nice work. I am looking forward to your lettering tutorial. I could use some pointers!


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Hi Debi,
Thanks for posting about my Christmas Stocking Swap-Looks like we are having a great turn out the more the merrier!

Hey...I love your butterfly tutorial...I think I might even be able to pull this off. Love what you did with your ladders too. Thanks so much for sharing!
Take Care