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Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A new look..what to do with an old gate... AND don't forget Robin's Nest Christmas Stocking swap

DON'T FORGET... Robin's Nest Christmas stocking swap... enter at...http://therobinsnestcountrycrafts.blogspot.com/
for you change to join!! :D

How do you like my new pics on my blog??? I changed my pics of t2t... to what my benches look like... that way I can start to sell some...
And the pic at top is one my youngest daughter took for 4-H about her Junior year of high school... that was 6 years ago now lol. But still, it is my favorite SUNSET!! There are three of the sunsets with this hue,... all taken the same day... all three are on my walls!! (My brag wall ;D) Hope you all enjoy it!!

My lilac bush has a new friend!! I don't know how well you can see it... but the little inhabitant... loves to make all kinds of little nests! Unfortunately... it is not my kind of nest!! Check it out...

Since some of the cooler weather has returned... we have some very pretty flowers coming back

to life. Hopefully there will more to follow...
My old falling apart chair seat... with these lovely purple petunias!!

This is my new find... about two weeks ago... auction...I need some ideas on what exactly to do with this old gate...ANY ideas???? As you can tell the post that goes into the ground is still attached... I would like to leave it this way... so anyone with ideas are greatly appreciated. Please HELP!!

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and to LOVE much!!

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Rhonda said...

I have one propped up in front of my fireplace and absolutely love it..... it's great to hang decorations and garlands for the different seasons...... and especially stockings for a large family...... everyone enjoys it.....