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Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Whatcha work'n on Wednesday??!!

Hello everyone!!
I am posting some pics of what I did yesterday to
start this off!! I went to Scoti's and Taryn's Daisy
meeting... (Scoti is Taryn's troop leader)
Scoti had asked if I would go to teach them
how to make a spider...
so we did... here is
how it turned out!
"Spiders o me o my!!"

After doing that I came home and started
cleaning out my sewing closet...
going throu all the material... and
projects piled onto of the sewing
machine!! (what a mess!!)
Now I can show you a pic of what it looks like!!
I made the curtains for it to hide it when
I have company staying...
And to keep the Grands out...
I used some shutters I picked
up at the flea market...
and a hook and eye to keep
it closed!!! My chair folds
up... and fits behind the right
side door. All put away!!
The light in there I found at
another flea market...
it wiring was burnt...
I took it all apart... and
put new wiring in and
now I have this wonderful
light!!! :D

I hope your Wednesday has been as productive
as mine has been today!! To start my day, I had
to set off some flea bombs!!! And I am praying that
gets rid of them... and poor kitty had to go outside...
prementally. :( But maybe that will help!! While they
were doing their job...I went to Topeka...
to HOBBY LOBBY!! and MICHEALS!!! boy was that
fun!! Ali and I went... we both bought some craft
paints... some books on what to paint... and I
bought the last thing for My stocking swap
partner... SUE!!! I found it on sale!!! I hope she
really likes it!! Got home at 3:00 pm.
Then I came home aired out the house
cleaned all the dishes!!! (Open cabinet’s lol)
Then started some laundry... redone... yuck! lol
Mopped the floors, and vacuumed the carpets!!
Was done with all of this by 5:45 pm.
(What are the odds??) And then I sit
down for a short break... and a drink
of water!! I decided I had some dish
towels that I had cut out... so I
started ironing the hems in...
and while waiting for "Private Practice"
to start... I would sew them up quickly.
I got about six of them done...
and eight more to do!!
Don't these just warm your heart??
They all have different things painted
on them according to each person
they go to. Can anyone guess who
this one belongs too??
And now I am posting my day :D
I hope your Wednesday has been as productive
as mine has been today!! Hope you all have a
wonderful day tomorrow too!!
May you all be as blessed as I feel
right this very minute!! :D

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!

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