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Sunday, October 12, 2008

Taryn signing her heart out!!! And proud Na'Na'!!!! :D

I am doing two posts in one day...
or should I say night... ;-)

This weekend was definitely full!! On Friday... we had
the pedal pull... Brock pulled 15 feet and 5 inches...
Taryn pulled 20 feet 2 inches.... and they were both so
happy to have competed!! Then we all, Scoti, Taryn, Brock, Papa, and Na'na' went
the high school football game!!! And we won!!! 34 to 22!!!
Good game too... very exciting one!!
Grands got to play with all of the other kids there...
running around the baseball field!!! :D
Needless to say... when their heads hit the pillow...
they were out!!!

On Saturday... my day started off... needing to paint a sign...
for the front of the float!! I needed to put "Daisy Troop" and there
number on it.... well... I did kinda.... I wrote... Daisy Troup....
but didn't catch it... my daughter did when I delivered the sign!!!
Talk about feeling like..... well an aged grandma!!! (with can't remember
how to spell???????) But as it turned out we didn't need the sign...
Girl Scouts have adopted a lot of new rules... can't throw candy...
need parent permission slips... fire extinguisher on board... just to
name a few. (I can't remember all of the rest...) So the parents
decided to put any kids that wanted to ride on... and they would do
something else for their badge. And boy did the kids have fun!!!

Here are some pics of the float after they got it finished
As you can tell the sign on the front now says
"Join 'r' click" (Get it click it or ticket???)
It took me a second to get what they meant... lol
(Ok so it was a complete BLOND day for me!!!)
Sorry all!!

And here they are
in the homecoming parade!!!
Throwing candy and having fun!!!
Then I went home for a while...
hubby was at my brothers helping him side his house...
We had decided we would go to
homecoming for dinner...
and a little dancing!!!
Wow... it was loads of fun!!
We visited with lots of friends...
after dinner the homecoming committee
auctioned off leftover meat, and beans...
and the pies from the pie contest!!
(no I didn't enter lol)
We bid on a couple of pies...
but the ones that baked them wanted
them more ;-)
Then we visited some more...
and of course we danced the night away!!
It was almost midnight
(6 minutes till)
when we left!!!
it was soooooo nice to spend the evening and night with my hubby!!!
For Sunday...
as posted in the last post...
Granddaughter did lyp sync!!
That was a real blast watching her strut her stuff!!!
She was really cute!!
(and that isn't just prejudice Nana speaking) lol
you can view her at
I think...
For anyone out there that does videos in their blog..
Please feel free to tutor me on how to!!! :D
P.S. sorry about the video not being very clear either!!
Grands and I came to my house for a bit...
mom was working in the pride committee
concession stand.
We went back to get her...
had to eat again!!! :D
Then we all went home!!
The grands come out here to stay the night!!
Yeaaaaaaaaa we all say!!
(Except Scoti... she has all the day care kids)
So I get to keep grands for the day!!
Well I suppose I should close for now...
write more later!!
Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!

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