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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

First of all a new swap... and THANKS to all who let comments on HELP???

I would like to invite everyone to a Secret Santa
Honeypot Swap!! I found it through Ann-Marie
of This Simple Life...
a friend of hers is Cindy...http://primcyn1.blogspot.com/
which had this post on her blog about a friend of hers,
Darlene of Bee Sew Whimsical go to her site to sign up http://beesewwhimsical.blogspot.com/search/label/Swaps
follow her directions... you have until October 31st
to sign up!!! I have enjoyed reading her blog!!
Boy that does seem like a few friends of friends huh?
But still will be wonderful!!!

I would now like to thank all for there ideas on my last post of "HELP??"
More ideas are always welcome too!!! So far, I put the things back on the
shelf... and living with it for a day or two!! Taking your ideas into
consideration... and will decide it later. :D I have to go today... to help
they youngest clean her old apartment... and I am getting to where I
am really not liking an unclean, things not in there place house!!! So I
had to put things back! Please feel free to leave me more comments
on what you think!!!

Here is a pic of what it looks like for now....
The bottom is in need of having the top
(bookshelf taken off... and painted
underneath!!) I didn't have anyone
here to help lift it off... and I wanted
it done NOW!! (one of my many
character faults... I AM IMPATIENT!!!)
lol DH came home last nite... took one
look and says "Did you have to paint it...
black??? Did you do this TODAY??"
The tone in his voice said he didn't like it!!!
But... I do!! (I know not nice!) Sorry all!!

Here is a pic of the top... I love how things stand
out now!!! Even the glass pieces!!!
If you look really close... you will see
both hubby and myself as new grandparents!!
This is Taryn with in her first few minutes in life!!!
So precious a pic!! I wish I had one of Brock too!!
(boy you can look so bad in the early morning...
but soooooooo happy too!!)
I need some advice too... on what color would you paint the walls???? This is the way my whole
living room and dining room (one big room) looks!! Hubby loves it... but I don't!! How do I convince him he doesn't either???
lol (Terrible huh???!!!)

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


This simple Life said...

I already have a How to on my rag garlands see my tutorials.

Darlene said...

Hi Debi,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and entering my giveaway and leaving me such sweet comments.

Those are really cute headboard turned benches!!!

I LOVE your new bookcase on top of the dresser piece...love the black color and everything about it!!!!

Are your walls paneled? In our home in Houston we painted over all the paneling in the house in a creamy white color....it looked fabulous and updated the house tremendously!!