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Monday, October 27, 2008

Lots of giveaways!!! :D Carnival GIveaway...Simple needs giveaway too!!! Post 44... Giveaway at 50!!! Some Auction finds!!!

Apple Bakers for yourself.

Here is a giveaway from Bella

of Bella Casa...Beautiful Home
she is having a giveaway carnival...

one of many it sounds like... I am off

to check them out!!

Here is another giveaway too!!
This one belongs to Kim at Simple Needs...

hers is for her 100th post!! Congrats Kim dear!!

I hope everyone had a superb weekend!!!

I had such a get weekend!! I got my den
finished!!! (Pictures tomorrow!!) Forgot about it till just now.
lol. Then on Sunday dearest Hubby and myself went
to an Auction at Williamsburg!! Hubby went after
fishing stuff... and I went after... well you know!!
Anything and everything lol.

The weather here is definitely Autumn... possibly
even winter (I hope it holds off for a few more weeks
anyway!!) This morning we woke up and it was 38 degrees
outside!! And oooo the wind!! It was howling!! Weatherman
said it was 15 - 25 miles per hour. I am just getting used to
the autumn weather... NOT wanting winter yet!!! lol
May have to take what we get huh??!!

Here are some of my finds!!

This box of jewelry cost me $6.00...
I liked alot of the items...

some for clasps for purses...

others I just like... and will

decide later lol.

This is a picnic basket

that I got for $1.!!!Not a bad
find!!! I think this one
will be Scoti's if she wants it.

Here is my small crock..
It cost me $8. (there was

only one other item that

cost me more!)

I love this little crock

bowl!! :D

The little

purse inside the crock

had some old jacks and

the balls inside. (purse

with jacks was $1.)

Here is one of the items I have
been looking for!! A stapler
that I can use to put little
booklets together!! and
two different hole punches..

one with two holes... other
has three!!

and then my Fire King
measuring cup!! This
one doesn't have
Pyrex on it anywhere..
anyone know how
old it is??? I have no
idea... but hubby thinks
it is one of the oldest ones??

another fire king piece...
this one has Pyrex on it!!
I don't know if you can
tell... but it has a metal

holder around it too!!

Both of these were $1. finds!

This is just some of the dishes
I bought... I liked the top two...
it has a bowl that matched..
but was set elsewhere...
and I missed it being sold
first!!(Was waiting on the

fishing stuff to finish...loaded
my $5. daybed!!! Jenny Lind...
none the less!!)

and some more of the dishes I
bought!!The white ones match
what I bought on the 400 mile

yard sale!! there is another
mirrored tray too... two ball jars...
and of all things a Diet Rite Cola
bottle with a spritzer lid
(mom used one of these when
she ironed) I know not what else

it could have been used for...

The one item I don't have a pic of is my steamer trunk!!
I got one for just $5.!!! But you won't believe what I did!!!

We got everything loaded (SO we thought) left... and Hubby

was checking the Auction tickets... and ran across the

Trunk one!!! I started walking around the house... very

upset... called my cousin... (she lives there... and was at the

auction for a bit... knew the people) She gave me their phone

number... and I called... THEY HAVE THE TRUNK AT THEIR
HOUSE!!! I am going down to pick it up on Wednesday!!!
Thanks Cuz!!!! Great save!!! And hubby too!!! :D

Thank you all for stopping by for a visit... hope you enjoyed
my auction items!!!

And don't forget that on my 50th post I will be hosting a

Giveaway in honor!! So come back often to check if I made

it yet??!!! ;-) Looking forward to hearing from everyone!

See you soon!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!

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