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Friday, October 3, 2008

Fat Friday... another project finished... I think lol

First off... It is Fat Friday... so here goes with the recipe!!!
Hubby stumbled across it last night while fixing supper...
Cinnamon Applesauce Pancakes!! (YUMMY!!!)
1 cup Pancake mix
1/2 cup water
1 4 oz. container of Cinnamon Applesauce
Mix all together. Pour onto hot griddle.
Wait til bubbly... they will not bubble like
normal...(or they will burn!)
turn. When lightly browned place on plate and butter.
Then coat in syrup!!!
Now enjoy!!!
Hubby did... he ate it all!!
And this is what you get in the end!!
Here is the finished product with the box.
It has become my stationary box...
my mobile secretary!

Here is another shot of it... the glue is still drying!!!

Well all I should close for now... but I will have some pics of my garage sale finds tomorrow!!
The Mennonites are having their semi annually garage sale!! Good stuff, for a good price!!
See you then, Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!!!!!!!!!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Sue said...

Your box turned out great...good for storage and a "desk" for writing also. GOOD IDEA! The recipe sounds yummy. My grandkids love pancakes. I'll have to try it. Can't wait to see what you found at the yard sales.

Cheryl said...

Hi Debi,
I have finally got caught up on your blog. I love your (everything). You are super busy girl. How do you have time to get all this done. Love your bench, it turned out fab.
Wanted to let you know I tried your oatmeal cookies. OMG, they were to die for. Hubby and daughter loved them also. Gained another (hip) pound on that one. Those pancakes look great. I am going to try those also.
Thanks for stopping by, I will catch you later.
PS. Love all your neat finds. I am going yard saling with you next time.

Debbies-English-Treasures said...

Your stationary box... looks wonderful...
Well done!
The pancakes, and your hubby look lovely too! LOL
Debbie Moss
(From England)

P.S - Can`t wait to see your new Treasures!
Good luck with the Treasures Hunting!

I Play Outside The Box said...

The recipe sounds divine....and love the box!

Charmed Eras said...

Debi, I love those chairs! The boxs looks great, you've inspired me.

Hope you are enjoying this beautiful Sunday.

Gettysburg Homestead said...

Those benches are great!!! Love the hummingbird one.

That box did turn out awesome! A personal secretary great idea.


mysteryhistorymom said...

Oh my goodness, those pancakes sound AMAZING! We will definitely be trying them... Thanks! Lori

Anonymous said...

i love that BENCH up there! that is adorable!!!


woo hoooo Cinnamon Applesause Pancakes! Yummmy!!! i will have to try that one sometime SOON!


that is a CUUUUTE stationery box!

you have so many neat things on your blog!!!!~!

Anonymous said...

Oh these sound so yummy especially for Autumn! Thank you for sharing this great recipe...I bet my hubby would eat 'em all too