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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Going to California!! And got pics back from wedding!

Sometimes all you have to do to set things right
is say those three magic words, "I was wrong."
A new love is very delicate. Handle it with caring!

I would like to apologize for not posting this last week,
as I have been helping Samantha get ready to move
to California! And now I will not be able to post for a few
days...as we are ready to move her out there this week.
I get to go see where my baby will be living!!
We are hauling hers and hubby's stuff out to their new
home. I will take lots of pics and let you know
about our trip! (My first trip west!!!)

I am so tickled we got the pics back from
Samantha's wedding! So without further ado,
here we go...
This is the bride sitting with her maid of honor
on her lap, (her sister!!) and three bridesmaids.
L to R Tara, Kayla, Kylie, Samantha, Scoti.

This is both of my very LOVELY
daughters!! Samantha, and Scoti!
(Can a mom be more proud, I don't
think so!!) :D :D

Now in an earlier post I told you about
my daughter's cake, this is how she sees
the bride getting the groom to the alter!
I hope everyone enjoys the fun of this as
much as I do, and no one takes offense.
The bride is hauling the groom!! ;-)

That was the cake topper, and this is
how it is done for real! ;-)

you do see the grin on the grooms face?? lol
And here is the very happy couple after the
nuptials! My daughter and new son-in-law!
(am I prejudice?? LOL)

The Chase's!
This is a quick showing of the wedding!

Scoti and Brock

Samantha and her father, Robert
(and of course my hubby!)
She is crying because she just
got her first look at her hubby to be
in his dress blues!!

Dad giving the bride to the groom!
Ahh how sweet!

Samantha still crying!! :D

getting rings off the ring bearers pillow!
Much harder than it should be...
someone tied them in a KNOT!!! lol

Samantha forgot to give her bouquet to
Scoti, so her hubby put her ring on her
right finger!! (Sweet! Got a big chuckle
out of the crowd!!) :D

The mother of the bride and the groom
lighting the candles for the unity candle lite.
Can you guess which one is me?? ;-)
(the candle you see closest to you, is the
memory candle!)

the bride and groom lighting the unity candle!

And of course THE KISS!!
and away we go!!
Here are some family pics!!
This first one is of my side of the family!
Both my mom's and dad's side!
This is the first photo of all of us,
I will cherish this photo for many
years to come!

The Fisher's and the Edwards'
Believe it or not, (unplanned!!)
that is the way they are standing here!
This one below is the Groom's side.

The Chase family.
Then we have my hubby's side of the family.

The Bahr's!
This is just three of his sisters,
there are five of them and he has
two brothers. I am so happy to have
this picture also!! Thanks guys and gals!

Grooms parents

Brides... sister and her family,
parents, and grandparents!
I will also cherish this picture!
This is only the second picture
of my family ever taken!!
The first was when the bride was
two years old!! Lots of years in between!!
And here is
Uncle's first hug!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

Always be honest. Count your blessings.
Bear each other's burden. Forgive and Forget.
Be kind and tender-hearted. Comfort one another.
Keep your promises. Be proud of each other.
Be true to each other. Treat each other like you
treat your friends. But most importantly--
Love one another deeply from your heart.


Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh what priceless beauty! Congratulations to the newlyweds. May they be richly blessed.

I adored the photo of her hauling her marine to the altar. :)

Prior said...

LOVELY wedding and have enjoyed browsing your blog! Lezlee

Debi said...

Me too!! That was her wedding cake topper, and she thought that one would give them many years of laughs to come. Both for her and her future family!! :D Which btw, she is going to have her first. She is due Nov. 6th. Her new hubby is now stationed overseas in Afghanistan for a term. They are both very sad to be apart during this blessed time. But she has come home for the summer, so I am getting to relish the time we spend together!! :D