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Friday, January 8, 2010

The weather outside is FRIGHTFUL!! (Ohh a christmas song I believe) lol and much more

Let me start this post off with I hope everyone has a
wonderfully blessed day!!
Also don't forget to SMILE... You will get on in return!!!

I know everyone has been saying how cold it is... but
I want to show you on my thermometer out on the
front porch!!
Can you
read this??? It says it is 10 degrees,
and it is 11:00 am!!!! I know it doesn't talk
as my hubby would say, so it would read...
lol, got to love em huh!! I will save him for
another post. But I DO LOVE HIM! :D

Here is our baby that is still at home. She is
an Akita, Australian Shepard mix. Her name
is Noel. And yes she is on a chain. The reason
for this is because we have neighbors that allow
people to trap bobcats, coyotes, raccoons and other
animals. I DON'T want to have one of these men,
catch our sweet lovable baby in one. So for now she
is on a chain. And no she don't come in the house, she
just isn't a house dog, she loves to run, jump, and play.

She is also a wonderful guard dog. Whenever ANYONE,
drives into our drive that doesn't live here...
SHE LETS ME KNOW!!! And no one but my hubby, and
grandson get near her (that are male) without her growling,
she lets all of us female members up to her, and loves on
all of those mentioned. I love her sooo much! The
rest of the year we go on long walks!!! She is beside me
all the way. She is our lovable sweet girl!

I decided I would show you some of the pics of the snow,
I know it isn't much snow here at the house, but I AM
NOT GOING OUT ON THE ROAD!! at this time.
this is what my seating
area right up by the house. The snow here is what
we got day before yesterday to add to what was
already there! IF I go out to get the mail today,
(Yesterday she got stuck north of our house and didn't
come here! lol So no bills!!!! ) I will take a pic of
the snow out there... along with the ruts from
last nite!! I will explain that one tomorrow! ;-)

And I just had to show you my Christmas tree!!
This is the free tree I got on the 400 mile garage
sale this year!! I love it, it is twice the size of
the old one! It looks really good all decorated in
mostly white, but some red. I even hung my
crystals on it. (Sue of The Cotton Patch, will
see her ornies on there from last year!! I love them,
they will be packed away again this year with care,
for use next year!) THANKS SUE!!! :D
And of course my angel that Sam made
me is right in the middle!! :D

Always be honest. Count your blessings.
Bear each other's burden. Forgive and Forget.
Be kind and tender-hearted. Comfort one another.
Keep your promises. Be proud of each other.
Be true to each other. Treat each other like you
treat your friends. But most importantly--
Love one another deeply from your heart.


Anonymous said...

Hi Debi,

Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving such a sweet comment.
I am new to the world of blogging and love when people leave me comments because it gives me the opportunity to find other blogs.
I enjoyed reading through some of your posts today and will be back. You had a busy few months with both of your daughters getting married! You are also very creative. I love the farm picture you painted and are using as your banner. Did you make those benches?
Stay warm!

Laura Ingalls Gunn said...

Oh how I wish we could trade weather for a day.

My font is called Edwardian Script. I also use it on the website of my business Arranging Elegance. (There is a link under my Sites I Adore section.)
It's a way that the two sites are connected.