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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Wow all it is Fabulous Friday!! And I finally remember HOW to Post!!!

Sorry all that is has taken me sooooo long to post again!!
I am making you all a promise to get back to it...
I am aiming for at least once a week... and this week..
I will have two!!!
This one to let you know that I am still kicking!!
And then one later today... to show what has been
going on here! :D
I have spent some of the evening checking out other blogs...
sorry I haven't been able to get to everyone... yet!
But I am trying to spend at least one hour a day at the
computer... so in the one hour, I can either read... or write.
So today's I am trying to do a bit of both.

I have been watching the grandchildren...
Scoti went back to work...
and so Taryn and Brock have been here five days
a week. We have had ball games (Taryn's), the same
as many others I am sure.
Hubby bought both of us new bicycles,
we have been riding a least 1 mile a day...
me, I have been trying to do 2... but his legs give
out to easily. We have played some golf...
went to Pennsylvania for a friend of his,
JD and Betsy... they celebrated their 30
anniversary. (JD was hubby's navy buddy,
and they hadn't seen each other since before
the both got out...) So we drove to see them!!
Also seen two other buddies, met one of the others
wife also!! I was loads of fun!! Beautiful place to see too!
I really enjoyed the trip, even thou we drove for two
days to get there... and then stayed for day and half,
turned around and came back home.
My mom fell while watching the grands while we were
gone... she went down Scoti's steps, and got a cut above
her eye, some bruises, and so on... but NO broken bones!!
She ended up taking an ambulance ride thou.

Best friend Ali and I have been still checking
out garage sales, flea markets, and talking everyday.
She has made a couple of trips home to Indiana over the
summer. We are also still painting every week!
We both took some of our paintings to the county
fair... She got a blue and a white ribbon on two of hers!!
YEAAAA Ali!! And I got two reds on two mine!! :D
And we just finished with our county fair this last week.
Taryn joined 4-H so we had her projects of foods and
photography to do this summer. She got a blue on one
of her photos, and a white on her Pumpkin Spice
Amish Friendship Bread. And let me tell you she was
SOOO tickled to see those ribbons!! We watched
my nephew get a Champion on his breeding goat, Corbin.
(Yes she is a girl with that name. lol, who knows why
children name them what they do?? But he loves her
just the same!!) And Taryn wants a goat, and a
bucket calf next year to add to what she did this
year!! So we will have our work cut out for us.
(Scoti is not into 4-H, but Nana and Papa are,
so this is something we get to do with them!!!)
Oh yes, we will be having two weddings at
or house before the new year!!! :D
But more on this later!
So for now I will close... let you read, and then
post some pics tomorrow!!
Have a wonderful day today... and look for a new
look soon! :D
Don't forget the house rules thou!!

Always be honest. Count your blessings.
Bear each other's burden. Forgive and Forget.
Be kind and tender-hearted. Comfort one another.
Keep your promises. Be proud of each other.
Be true to each other. Treat each other like you
treat your friends. But most importantly--
Love one another deeply from your heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!


ALVN of WhisperWood Cottage and Junkologie said...

To say that you've been busy is an understatement!! I hope your mom is okay after her fall. And I love the house rules!!


CiNdEe said...

You have been a busy lady! I am glad you posted and let us all know how you are doing! Have a great weekend!