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Friday, April 10, 2009

Fabulous Friday!! My basement is clean!!! YEAHHHHHHH!!! and not to forget...HAPPY EASTER!!

I would like to thank everyone for their
best wishes!! It made the healing much better!
:D I can finally say I have gotten some better
with my foot... I found out from
my chiro today that I have a dislocated
bone in my foot... ie... I stubbed my toe...
or should I say foot!! HE worked on it
twice today... and I finally can walk!!!
From there I went to Ottawa,
(my hometown) and called a few classmates...
trying to catch up with them to see if
they wanted to meet somewhere to visit...
but to no avail... they must all be either working...
or getting ready for the holidays! So I just drove
around town... taking some pics on my cell...
to show grands of where I lived growing up!
If I could figure out how to upload the pics
from my cell to PC... I would share those with
you too. I was kind of nice to enjoy a leisure day!

Happy Easter all!! I hope your having fun coloring eggs...
spending time with the young ones in your lives...
and getting ready for the holiday dinner!
Brock and Taryn came out Monday to make
their eggs... and we colored them...
after Brock spent an hour coloring his with
watercolor paints... he held it in both hands...
and let it drop... only to say... "Oops Na`na`
I dropped it!" "Now I have to eat it!!" Little did
he know that we had one waiting to be eaten
when we were finished! So we made deviled
eggs from them! Taryn told me a classmate
of hers, after the egg hunt... puts all of the eggs
by the front door so the Easter Bunny can
come back to get them and he makes deviled
eggs from them for Easter Dinner! So needless
to say we had to find another basket for just
this purpose! :D (Aren't they so sweet!) lol.

Oh I also started a facebook page! My daughter,
Sam, and sister-in-law seem to think I needed one...
so after both invites... I finally took the plunge!
I am surprised how fast I found friends, old classmates
that I haven't seen since we graduated... and of course
family! I have had a blast catching up with some of them.
I didn't realize how much I missed talking or seeing them
til now. So sad that we all lost touch! But I hope we all
stay in touch now! :D

Hey you all... I am sooooo happy!!
I finally got my basement cleaned!!!
And now I love it!!

Before I show you any pics... first of all I have
to tell you that it is an unfinished basement...
nothing special... except now it it cleaned...
and set up so I can make things down there!
This pic...
is where I am going to paint... it is an old
sewing machine cabinet... without the
sewing machine! I placed all of my brushes,
paper... paint palettes in the drawers...
where do I find my paints??
INSIDE where the sewing machine used to be!!

I am standing in
front of the stairs leading to the basement...
this is what you see as soon as you reach the
bottom. The grands rockers... painted to
match... (not fighting over whose is whose!)
along with the bench child's bench I made in
the background... and the other one is in pieces
behind it... waiting to be made... along with the
child's table!
My easel...
it has two paintings done by an
old friend... Ann where ever you are
now... your famous! :D I plan on using this
station to paint on my wood pieces.
And can you believe...
this hides the stuff I am storing... beds... hunting
clothes... and some other stuff.
Our guest bedroom...
lol, or should I say the bed Samantha loves
to sleep in... Nobody around!! Peace and Quiet.
(unless I am down there now)
Here is
another shot....
And last but not LEAST....
MY WORK STATION, for all that T2T!
I have finally...
gotten all my tools together in one place,
all the nails, screws, and anything else I could
dream of needing to craft the benches, shelves,
or whatever my imagination can come up with!!
As for all of this??
It is my stash of wood... and foam!
With tots stored under both!! I even
went through all of those tots!!
Now I have enough stuff for a
really good garage sale!!
Which my best friend Ali, and I
are planning on doing May 1st and 2nd!
Look out salers!! We have both managed
to clean our basements!!! So you
can only imagine the items we have
to get rid of!! :D

Always be honest. Count your blessings.
Bear each other's burden. Forgive and Forget.
Be kind and tender-hearted. Comfort one another.
Keep your promises. Be proud of each other.
Be true to each other. Treat each other like you
treat your friends. But most importantly--
Love one another deeply from your heart.

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!

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~♥~ Monica S said...

Happy easter!!

You've been hard at work! :-) wonderful! :-)