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Friday, February 27, 2009

I owe blogville a really big apology!!!

I owe blogville a really big apology!!! I am so sorry
to have neglected everyone here!! In my defense...
the weather here has been sooooooo beautiful outside,
that I had to get some time out there, and once I started...
well let's just say, that it wasn't enough! I did get alot of
different things done thou. I am so sorry for forgetting to
blog. I PROMISE to do better! I will do at least 5 minutes
a day from here on out! So please bear with me!

Now for all of the stuff I have gotten done...
First outside...
I have been repainting the milk cans...

Here is just one of the ten.
(Show you more later)
and the other reason I have been
I have spring coming to visit!!!

Here is just one of the many Bulbs
I have, and it is blooming!!!
Don't you just LOVE Jonquils...
the first to bloom here! :D
I have been working on my front porch too.

our front steps... cement YUCK!
So I am painting them...
Nothing around here is safe from PAINT!
Just getting started... not sure what to do
with the tops as of yet. But going to
paint a saying on the risers of the stairs.

This is a picture of our back door...
I know it is still on my front porch!
(Actually the kitchen door)
and my storage cabinet...
my grandfather built it...
I bought it from an old family
friends auction, a few years ago!

Here is my newest thing I am
working on... a peg holder...
or should I say... an old door
stop holder!!! (on the left is my
front door)

Here is the whole corner between the TWO
doors... alot of room huh??

and this is what you get to sit on
when the wind is blowing... You don't even
know it is blowing here! :D

and now for the other side of the front
porch. I now have two more benches there.
(As you can tell... on the butterfly bench...
is a chair I took... fell apart... now to make
something else out of it!)
This is a pic of what my buffet looked like
when I got it... the doors and mirror all taken
and this is the poor buffet...
all of the drawers need some help...
the bottom of the door compartment...
and of course... some tlc on the piece itself!

Don't you just love the old piece...

Here is my almost finished product!
I have replace the nobs... and now working
on the right door... it needs some wood
filler... and the hinges reattached.
So you will get one more chance of seeing it...
Now for the candler I have...
I have wanted the beads to be a red and white...
but not been able to find any old necklaces in those
colors... My mom gave me, my grandmothers beads
she used to make (crochet) necklaces... and look what
I did....

All of the white beaded necklaces have been
replaced and now I love it too!!

An up close look!! :D

The wall on the south side of the living room...

and the rest of the way to the front door...
don't you love my new fruit crate...
(0n the shelf behind the couch.)
I have also been painting our bedroom walls...
and they are also finished... for now!
I still not sure of the color... it has a slight
tint of green to it... and I want it too look a tiny
more yellow... not green yellow.

the necklace, belt holder...
(I added finials and doorstops to the
top of the earring holder.

Our new bedspread!! A royal blue
velvet with fringe!! I LOVE IT ALSO!!
The south corner of the room...
my side of the bed!!

The north west side of the bedroom...
this little old dresser with all of it's
loved parts... is one that my grandfather...
my dad's dad, built for us girls one Christmas...
Our daughters know mom likes angels so...
on the shelf in the corner you will notice a
music box angel sits on her perch. :D

And the north east corner of the room...
Hubby's side of the bed...
The color here looks a little too white...
but I promise it isn't! It all used to be
a BRIGHT YELLOW! It reminded me of
sunshine... but hubby thought it was TOO
bright... so here is the toned down version.
sitting on top of the pillows... is my hubby's
valentine's present from four years ago!!
I still love him (hubby) and the bear, just
as much and more as I did the day I gave
him to hubby! :D

Here is the sewing closet in the front
bedroom... Don't look too close...
you will see all of the projects waiting
for me to get too!!!

Here it is... all closed up!
Don't you just love the toile (not sure IF
I spelled this right!!)curtains??? :D
In this bedroom is the kid's toy box...

My grandmother's (mom's mom)...
old sewing trunk, it held all of her quilting
material!! (In May sometime...
this red carpet will be coming out...
to have the hardwood floors beneath
revealed!!!) I can't wait!!!!!! :D :D :D

The twin bed... frame from 400 mile
yard sale... the quilt is the one I won from
the LeRoy Homecoming four years ago.
the trunk is one I bought at an auction this
last fall... with NEW casters on the bottom!!
(I am going to do this too all of the trunks!!)

The bed in the north east corner of the
room... and the shelf I made for the kitchen...
now resides above the bed!

The "shoot for the moon" sign with shelves
that used to be above my desk...
Like them better here!! :D

The south west corner of the room...
behind the door. The dolls on the shelf
were made by my grandmother,
(dad's mom) for both of my girls!
above the dresser is a collage I made
of my mom's things from childhood
to after she married my dad!
She really loved it!! It has pictures...
girl scout badges she got... the wedding
announcement of theirs, her mother's
graduation ceremony, and other stuff too!

And one more shot of the laundry room wall.
I redid the "Laundry Room Drop Your Pants Here"
sign, now I finally love it, and added a shelf!
Trying to decide if I should paint it black
or leave it white... what do you think???

One of the last projects I will show you all,
is my new front door rug! Made from what
else... old linoleum... I now love!! this saying
where it is!! (Needless to say... the old sign
that hung on the wall also got repainted...
but I will show you that one next post!

And finally the tablecloth I made.
It is made from a red and white check
print! I do love it!!!!

Now I PROMISE once again I will post more often...
and keep it up!!! Please forgive me for falling down!
I will do better!!!

I hope everyone has a blessed day!! I know I have been
having plenty of them!!
I also started walking about two miles a day!!
So here is to getting into shape!! :D
I wish you all well! :D
Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!


~♥~ Monica S said...

Hi Debi

Just feels like i have been touring your house :-)

I love how you have spring come visit you! You are so lucky!!!
Didn't have to buy it this time!;-)

Have a good weekend!


Marge said...

Debi, I love your buffet! It is very similar to mine which belonged to my grandparents. If you haven't seen it, here it is.

I am envious of your spring-like weather and your flowers!

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

You have been a very busy lady! Everything looks great! You are so talented. laurie