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Thursday, November 20, 2008

I got my Christmas Stocking!!! :D Sue 100th post too!!

A quick addition!! Sue is posting her 100th post today!! Please run over and check it out!!

Oh my goodness!! I am soooooooo HAPPY!! I got a box from Sue, http://sue-thecottonpatch.blogspot.com/ , its my Christmas stocking swap partner!! (BTW Robin dear, THANK YOU!!!! You did a wonderful job matching us up!!! :D)
Anyway, back to my box... I got sooooooo excited... I forgot to take a pic before I opened the box!!! But my head did come back... and I remember to take a pic right after I opened it!!!

Here is box of goodies!!!

Look at this box FULL!!

I calmly... (HAHAHA) unpacked it put it out on my table to take a pic....

Look at all of this!!! Don't you just love!!! that stocking!!!
Oh Sue!! Such a beautiful handmade stocking!!!

This is everything unwrapped!!
Check it all out....

My stocking...
(It's already hung for Christmas!!!)
Did I mention... I LOVE IT!!!!! ??

O what a great Santa!! He's a tea light!!
AND he has already found his home too!!

Sue, how did you know I wear CHRISTMAS SOCKS??!!!
I have several pairs that I start wearing two weeks before...
Some of which are now thread bare...
and my card with a lovely message is next :D
(Sue dear, your sooooo sweet!!)
And a note pad... its magnetic!!! :D
So I can put it on the frig for notes!!!

OH do you remember these adorable little fellows??
She made these wonderfully adorable little gingerbread ornies!!
When I opened them... THEY SMELLED SOOOOOO GOOD!!! :D

They say "Taryn" "b" and "Brock"
Aren't they just to die for!!!!?
Sue you are such a dear!!! :D
These handmade ornies will be on my tree for the rest of my life!!!!
(I will ALWAYS think of you my dear!!)

And this wonderful sign!! I already have it up too!! :D
AND GIRLS... do remember these wonderful ornies?
She also made these beautiful Santa ornies!!
She has a how to tutorial on her blog!!

the jellies she made for me!!
One is Muscadine Jelly!!
Kinda tastes like grape... but BETTER!!)
I know what I will be having for breakfast for quite a while now!! :D
and Peach preserves!!! (My hubby's FAVORITE!!)

and this magnificent throw blanket!!!
She put our name on it!!! :D
And oooooooo it is sooooooo warm!!! and SOFT!!!!! :D

And here is me with this magnificent throw!!
(Sorry for the yellow background!! No Flash!
And if you look really close to my right wrist...
you will know why I haven't been blogging for a day or two!)
I messed it up... not sure how... just turned it...
and it snapped... and now it hurts to lift... or anything else!!
BTW... Can you see that BIG SMILE???
Sue you put it there!!! :D
That is also why... it takes me sooooo long to type...
SOOO I Called Sue to tell her THANK YOU!!!
She has a beautiful southern accent!!
And her personality... makes you just want to reach out and
For making my day soooooo special!!
And for the record... I think she has been to my house for Christmas too!
All of the ornies are going on our tree this year will be hand made...
And hers are going to be the first to go on!! :D
Thank you my very special friend!! :D
My heart is soooo full of love and joy!!!!!!!!!
God blessed me with a wonderful new friend!!
(And Robin... Thank you again dear for hosting,
so as I could meet this wonderful new friend too!
and introducing us too! :D)

Remember to say Thank you daily to everyone around you!!
They are precious today... yesterday... and even more so tomorrow!!
Give them a big hug today!!

I hope all of you are as specially blessed as I am today!! :D

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!
Remember to Live well, Laugh often,
and to LOVE much!!


Cher said...

NICE box of goodies! Weren't you suppose to wait until Christmas? Well, since you're hurt, I'll let that pass. Hope your wrist gets better soon. I think "Don't get your tinsel in a tangle" will be my new saying. Love it!

The Texas Woman

cindee said...

What a great box of treasures!!! That is really fun!!!(-: We do a gift exchange on Garden Junk and I sent my gift out today. I can't wait to see how the person I got likes it(-:

Shanda said...

I just got into the Christmas spirit after visiting your blog. You sure do seem to be in the spirit. Here's wishing y9ou some cold snowy Christmas weather to go along with the season. Happy Holidays

~♥~ Monica S said...

I got tears in my eyes reading this heartwarm post.


~The Robin's Nest~ said...

Wow! You sure received some wonderful things from Sue! I love that she put some beautiful homemade things in there for you too! She has so much talent! I am thrilled that you guys hit it off so well and that you all became friends. That is what I was hoping for with this stocking swap!
By the way... You are just as cute as can be!
Have a great weekend! Hope that wrist gets better real soon dear!