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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Whatcha Work'n on Wednesday!!! ANd a special THANKS To my Aussie Friend... Barb!!

I wish to tell everyone... sorry again for not posting!!
I got a virus... and lost some of puter!! :(
Hubby was very upset... but what can we do...
that is why I haven't been able to post for a bit!!
But am hoping to do much better!!
I have been a real busy beaver around here!!
I am currently working on my basement...
Pictures will be forth coming really soon!!
I have made sooooo much progress down there!!
It used to be just storage for the girls, us, my family,

But NOT any more!! It is my woodworking station,
soon to be my painting/crafting place!
I am going to see if I can get my mom to come
back over and help me get some more outlets
put in!! (She is an electrician!!) YEAHHH!!
Anywho... here is just one pic to wet your
appetite for the basement...

This is my wood pile of cabinet doors, screen,
and some other pieces of wood I am going to
be working on really soon!!
I also have another bench done, and one to
match it laid out to work on!!
But anyway...
I have to show you my hutch redone... but again!!
Think I am finally in love with it!!

here it is... displaying almost all of my crocks...
I got another one over the weekend at an
auction, for 27.50 it was a litlle bowl. I wanted
it really bad!! (Can't you tell by the price???)
This piece is a candleholder I picked up at a
church bazaar last week for 50 cents!

here is the before...

and here is the after...
like everything else around here... BLACK! lol

This project is one I am waiting to tackle
until the weather decides to get nice and stay
there... it is my bedroom ceiling...
the anaglipta wallpaper. (not sure of spelling) lol
Right now it is just the color that the paper was...
it is now time to give it color... it has cured!!!

Tis is what it looks like when I take a pic
without the flash... I like the color better here!!
but still trying to figure out what color to paint it.
What are your thoughts... you can see my
bedroom colors in an earlier post... PLEASE
let me know what you think!!!??????????

as for this pic... this is just a drawing I did
several years ago... and used colored pencils
to color it in...

and as for the lastest sign...
what do you think??? It hangs by

our bed... :D
Oh... On my post I have been planning on doing
for almost over a week... I got a letter in the
mail from a friend in Aussie land, none other than

and I want to tell her, O I am in love with them!!!
Here is the pattern she sent me...

it is for a pipkin... which until I read

Barbs blog... I had never heard of before.
She was a real doll and sent me the pattern
for it!!! I have done two already...
one the afternoon I got the letter!
I went to post... and had the virus...
so I couldn't :( so now I can!!!

this is here letter and all!!
this is what they look like all finished!!


Barb dear, I hope I did it right!!
This is what we call batting, and I hope
you call it "wadding" ?? And I wish our
milk cartoons were clear plastic... ours

are kind of a milky color... (pardon the
pun there!!)

I have stictched around outside of the material,
the batting and plastic... (inside)

pulled the treads tight....

and here are my three pieces...
all different so if I didn't you can tell
me which one is wrong. ;)

I sewed the felt to the inside...
one because I didn't have any glue...
and not sure which kind to get anyway...
so I used what I knew... my thread!!
which was the red thread... and then
used the embordiery thread to put it
together with...

I have two of them sewn and now for
the third one...

I hope I am doing this right!!???

and wallha.... I have my second one done!
I think??? Let me know if I need to change
anything... I am waiting patienctly...not!
to do some more for my family that sews!!
And I really do think this HAS to be one
of the CUTEST cozies for a thimble I have ever seen!!
Mine now loves it's new home!!

I hope everyone is have a really productive time...
whatever your doing!! And THANK you again my dear
Barb for this wonderful pipkin!!! :D :D :D :D :D

Life is not measured by the number of breaths you take,
but by the moments that take your breath away.
A sense of humor can help you tolerate the unpleasant,
cope with the unexpected & smile through the day.
There is one happiness in life to love & be loved!!!

I hope everyone has a wonderfully blessed day!!

Also don't forget to SMILE...
You will get on in return!!!


barb's creations said...

Hi Debi,
I soooo love your pipkins.I did try to warn you that they are addictive little things.Thanks also for putting a link on your blog back to mine.
If you want to glue the felt instead of stitching I just use the glue you get in a tube that you roll up ( a bit like a lipstick called *uhu stick*,hope this helps).These make a great gift idea for a lucky dip style christmas gift idea for sewing groups.My mother-in-law asked me to make three for her end of year swap last year and by all reports they went down a treat as well.Barb

~♥~ Monica S said...

Seems like you are having alot of fun being crafty!! :-)

Thanks for stopping by.. and leaving your photo too ;-) And thank you for wonderful greetings! :-)


Cher said...

Several of us have been getting viruses...however one spells many virus! What's up with that?

The Texas Woman

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Lots of great ideas. Thanks for sharing. laurie

Mo..."Mo's Cottage" said...

I love your headborad bench....so cute....I just got one and am so excited to put it on my front porch...yours are just beautiful....
Mo ;-)

~♥~ Monica S said...

Happy Easter Debi!